What Are the Health Benefits of Tyrosine? Find Out Here!

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For the sake of healthy lifestyle goal, there are a lot of people are depending on some food supplement to fulfill their daily intake. One of the food supplement commonly consumed is tyrosine. Naturally, there are a lot of health benefits of meat, poultry and fish because they are foods that are high in protein and tyrosine could be found in high protein food such as dairy products, chicken and eggs.

What Is Tyrosine?

Tyrosine is one type of amino-acids which main function is used by cells to synthetize protein. The function in metabolism is similar to the health benefits of protein for human body. As mentioned above, you could get tyrosine from your daily diet, especially from high protein foods such as chicken, eggs and dairy products like milk and cheese. Tyrosine itself is derived from Green word ‘tyros’ which has literal meaning ‘cheese’. Tyrosine could be found in plants as well such as peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, soy products up to banana.

Benefits of Tyrosine

What are the health benefits of tyrosine is probably the most frequent question asked by people who are interested to add this food supplement into their daily diet. One of the reasons why people prefer to add tyrosine supplement into their daily diet is because it is not easy for them to fulfill the daily intake of protein, especially for athletes or people with specific health conditions. Aside from that there are a lot of health benefits of tyrosine you should know.

  1. Maintains Optimal Neural Performance

One of the reasons why people are adding tyrosine supplement into their daily diet is to maintain the neural performance. Some studies have proven that consuming tyrosine regularly could help preventing neurotransmitter from depleting. Unfortunately, maintain the proper amount of neurotransmitter is not an easy job; that is why tyrosine is super helpful in this matter.

  1. Improves Memory Ability

Tyrosine supplement is commonly consumed by people with high-demanding job because tyrosine supplement contains some active compounds that restore the cognitive resource. The result is significant improvement of memory ability. Adding tyrosine supplement to daily diet is recommended when you need to use your memory.

  1. Promotes Cell Regeneration

One of the essential roles of tyrosine is optimizing the production of thyroid hormones. Some scientific studies have revealed the close association of the lack of tyrosine in the body could lead to the deficiencies of thyroid hormone. This type of hormone itself is super essential especially for renewal the damaged cells because it could promote the cell regeneration.

  1. Controls Energy Production

Some people are consuming tyrosine supplement as energy booster because as mentioned in the previous point, it may optimize the production of thyroid hormones. While others prefer energy drink but since too mush health risks of energy drink, tyrosine sounds like a better option because besides promoting the cell regeneration, thyroid hormone is also controlling the production of energy. Moreover, through animal study, tyrosine is also improving cognitive ability in rat and improving the growth of birds.

  1. Increases Dopamine Level

The fact that tyrosine supplement could increase the dopamine level has been proven through scientific studies. However, you have to be careful with the dosage because excessive amount of tyrosine supplement may cause the opposite result because too much dopamine in your body could slow down the neural performance.

  1. Improves Physical Performance during Exercises

For athlete having longer endurance and better physical performance during exercises are essential. That is why there are a lot of athletes are depending on tyrosine supplement to help them expanding their endurance and performance. However, as mentioned in the previous point, the right dosage is important because you don’t want to be energizer rabbit due to excessive amount of tyrosine.

  1. May Expand the Attention Span

Not only good to improve memory and enhance neural performance, consuming tyrosine is also able to help people expanding their attention span. If somehow you cannot sleep the day before but you have important meeting or class to attend in the next morning, to prevent falling asleep during critical time, consuming tyrosine may be helpful to keep you staying awake.

  1. Beneficial to Treat Depression

There is no easy way to treat the symptoms of depression but there are thousand ways if to treat it and among the recommended ones are consuming tyrosine supplement. So far, most depression patients are depending on placebo to reduce the symptoms but recently, some studies are also recommending tyrosine supplement.

  1. Used as Treatment for Parkinson

As mentioned in some previous points, tyrosine is excellent to improve neural performance. So it is also applicable for Parkinson’s treatment. Parkinson itself is not an easy disease to cure but according to some studies, tyrosine supplement may be helpful to reduce the symptom of Parkinson, though further studies are probably strongly required to ensure the effectiveness of tyrosine because there is possibility that tyrosine could prevent Alzheimer and dementia as well.

  1. Improves Mood

Mood swing is a normal thing. However, if you are experiencing mood swing in critical situations like when you have important test or interview, mood swing could be affect your life significantly. Some scientific studies have revealed that the ability of tyrosine supplement in affecting and improving neural performance is also applicable to help improving mood and solving problem like mood swing. Unfortunately, as mentioned in some previous points, dosage is essential to consume tyrosine if you don’t want to turn yourself into a hyper Energizer’s rabbit.

  1. May Improve Mental Performance during Stressful Situation

Sometimes you cannot avoid a stressful situation and the only option is facing it. One case, there are a lot of people are suffering from seasonal depression, especially during winter. Consuming tyrosine has been proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of depression due to season. The cold and the low level of oxygen is the main factors that cause this kind of depression because as mentioned in the previous point, tyrosine is effective to improve mood during that gloomy situation.

Cautions of Tyrosine

The number of people who are consuming tyrosine supplement is progressively increasing day by day through different reasons but some cautions below are essential for you to know if you want to add tyrosine supplement to your daily diet.

  • One of the benefits of tyrosine is to help people controlling their energy production. When they need it tyrosine could act as energy booster but when you consume it in improper way, it may make you more tired.
  • Some claims have been reported regarding the side effects of tyrosine supplement. Users have reported conditions like neck and shoulder stiffness when they consume it.
  • Another side effect that has been reported is the possibility of tyrosine as weight gain foods supplement contributing to weight gain though further studies are required to find the factors.

No matter how beneficial food supplement is dosage has prominent role in this matter. It is better to always discuss your need of adding food supplement to your daily diet with professional who understands your present condition well.