10 Super Health Benefits of Ganitri Fruit You Never Know

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This fruit is known to originate from India under the name rudraksha, under to Indonesia in the 19th century and it turned out to grow more fertile. Even now the largest granite fruit producer turned out to be Indonesia. For the people of Indonesia, it is foreign with this fruit. It is very rare that this fruit is traded in traditional markets in Indonesia but this fruit has a lot of benefits for humans.

Lots of nutrients contained in health benefits of ganitri fruit, including:

  • Magnesium
  • Cobalt
  • iron
  • Phosphor
  • manganese
  • calcium
  • copper
  • nickel
  • aluminum
  • glycosides
  • flavonoids

Among the benefits that you will get when you consume are as follows:

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Ganitri fruit content is very rich in minerals and vitamins make it has anti-inflammatory properties in health benefits arnica. So if you have inflammation, then consume regular ganitri fruit.

  1. Prevent lung damage

In preclinical tests that use pigs as experimental animals. ganitri fruit proven to prevent damage to the lungs of pigs previously given substances that are damaging the lungs. This is because the content of glycosides, flavonoids, steroids, and alkaloids contained in the ganitri fruit. read more about benefits of turmeric for lungs

  1. Kill the disease-causing bacteria

There are about 28 types of bacteria that will be destroyed because of ganitri extract such as Salmonella typhimurium, morganella morganii, shigella flexnerii, etc. related article: health benefits of mint leaves

  1. Lose weight

According to research from Banaras Hindu University, India, alkaloid contained in ganitri efficacious shed body fat. or you can try health benefits of  elaichi for weight loss

  1. Lowering high blood pressure

A study of researchers from pharmacology faculty in India found the fact that the soak water of the seeds of ganitri fruit is effective for controlling blood pressure in hypertensive patients. read more: symptoms of high blood pressure

  1. Treating asthma symptoms

Cooking water from ganitri fruit can also treat asthma symptoms. This is because there are anti-inflammatory properties in the fruit content ganitri.

  1. Improve cardiac performance

Ganitri fruit also has electromagnetic properties, which can accelerate blood flow to the heart. So if the heart works lightly it will reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. Prevents inflammation of the liver

Anti-inflammatory properties of ganitri fruit also serve to overcome the inflammation of both the external or internal organs, including the liver which is quite a lot of cases of inflammation that occurred. So consume ganitri fruit regularly, then inflammation of the heart will be far from you.

  1. Overcoming stress and depression

Ganitri fruit is a seed that one of its functions can overcome your mental health problems of stress. This is because in ganitri seeds contain bioelectrochemical properties that stimulate the brain so that the mind will be calmer.

  1. Epilepsy

The fruit of this one does have a remarkable benefit. A serious illness such as epilepsy can also be treated with this fruit. This fruit is an excellent herbal remedy for epilepsy.


Although there is a lot of nutrients in the health benefits of ganitri fruit, you still have to consume other fruits. So not only ganitri fruit for your nutritional needs are not densely on the fruit ganitri also fulfilled.