4 Important Health Benefits of Exercising for Elder

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What’s your favorite sport? Is it swimming, cycling, running, or soccer? There are actually various types of exercise that can be done, including the simple exercise. Exercise itself is an activity that aims to move all the muscles of the body and help the body burn calories. 

Exercise turns out to bring many benefits to our body. It’s good to know what are the benefits of regular exercise for the body so that you can immediately start sports activities in order to maintain health.

Not only is it beneficial for physical health, but proper exercise can also help maintain mental health and affect mood. In addition, exercise is also often one of the ways to form an ideal body and lose weight.

Exercise is proven to improve mood or feeling happy and help reduce anxiety, stress, or depression, as previously mentioned in the social benefits of exercise. This happens because exercise can help to increase brain sensitivity to produce a variety of important body hormones that directly affect the mood. 

The production of the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine can help relieve depression, regulate stress and anxiety. There are also endorphin hormones that help produce positive feelings, and exercise is also thought to reduce anxiety symptoms.

People who have reached the age of the elderly will experience more health problems ranging from back pain to the body that easily feel tired. There are many of them elderly people who prefer to spend their time sitting around, lying down and doing absolutely nothing for the day. 

Many elderly people avoid activities like exercise because they think that it can make their body easily injured and become tired later. But the opposite happens if they completely abandon the exercise, because when some of the elderly spend more time sitting or lying without activities.

That should be avoided because it can increase the risk of developing diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, illness or even obesity. They also feel depressed all the time due to the lack of motivation, but it’s actually curable with the mental benefits of exercise.

That’s why, exercising is such an important thing to do, since it can bring various health benefits such as:

Health Benefits of Exercising for Elder

1. Protects Them from Various Diseases

It is undeniable that if the elderly have a body that is not as strong as younger people, various diseases sometimes attack them. Why is this happening? This happens due to the body’s immunity in the elderly that has begun to decrease.

Indeed, with age the immune response ability of a person’s body will also decrease. This is what causes parents to be more likely to contract the disease. Even pneumonia is the leading cause of death of people over 65 years of age worldwide.

In addition, it is also accompanied by the spinal cord whose performance has been less efficient in producing stem cells that serve as immunity or immunity. 

Not only that, it turns out that nutrition is also very influential on the immunity of the elderly. Therefore, it is good to give more attention to the elderly, by helping them in obtaining nutritious staples.

In order to make it effective, the elders still need to do an exercise, even the light ones like benefits of yoga for elder. There are many types of mild to severe diseases that can be avoided by routinely doing sports such as joint diseases or often called arthritis. 

In addition, exercise can also prevent the elderly from the risk of contracting heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other types of dangerous diseases.

2. Avoid Mental Disorders

Staying at home makes a person easily infected with boredom. This is due to the absence of activities that can make our brain useful and only dwell without doing anything.

For those of you who are already included as an elderl, it would be better if you take the time to just walk around so as to prevent the decline of mental function that is common in the twilight age due to depression.

Doing an exercise in the morning can also give better benefits to the elderly, especially when they can get the benefits of sunbathing for elderly at the same time as well.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Since a long time ago, exercise was considered one of the best ways to help lower blood pressure. As for hard exercise, it can increase the strength and efficiency of the heart. 

Although the results are promising, these findings should not make you dispose of any drugs commonly used. Because, this study has some limitations, especially the lack of research on physical activity as an option to lower blood pressure.

However, as a preventive effect, regular exercise can be an option for a better heart. Because, until now there is a lot of evidence that supports the relationship between exercise and heart health.

4. Prevents Heart Attack

Heart failure is the final phase of various types of heart disease. It’s very unpredictable and highly dangerous since all its victims are in high risk of dying.

It can be experienced by a person, depending on how long and how severe the patient’s heart disease is. People with a history of severe heart attacks can quickly experience heart failure.

In the elderly, prevention can still be done. For example with light exercise such as having the benefits of walking or swimming, but done 30 minutes every day. Don’t forget to check up with the doctor.

In fact, elderly people who do not have risk factors such as hypertension, smoking, or diabetes, are less likely to get heart disease. It is also supported by maintaining a good lifestyle in the twilight age.