6 Impeccable Health Benefits of Aerobics for Senior

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Aerobics is also commonly known as rhythmic gymnastics which is one of the most popular types of gymnastics by all circles from children, adults to parents both men and women. Moreover, rhythmic gymnastics is also known to have many benefits for the fitness of the body.

Body fitness is one of the things we always take care of. Because if our body is fit, of course the health will also follow. In aerobics, there are also several aspects such as music, melody and also calculations.

Similar to benefits of kegel exercise, aerobics is also called rhythmic gymnastics because the whole movement must also adjust to the rhythm used to accompany it. Rhythmic gymnastics is a series of gymnastic movements performed with a rhythm or musical chant.

Of course, the rhythm must also prioritize beauty, subtlety, flexibility and harmony of motion in addition to the accuracy of motion to the rhythm or music of the movement itself. But. some punchy or beat music is needed for a more active aerobics session. 

However, even though it looks very active, aerobics can also be a suitable exercise for seniors, with some adjustments, of course. With slower but still active movements, they can get the benefits of doing simple exercises.

Elderly gymnastics is one of the active activities of the elderly that is certainly allowed as long as it is done according to ability. Staying rested is the key in maintaining the condition of the body. 

With its importance, here’s the list of health benefits of aerobics for senior:

1. Make Them More Active

Aerobics is a type of sport that is very suitable for the elderly. It includes relaxing exercises that can be done by all ages. And why is it so necessary for the elderly? Of course there are many answers. But, the most important one is to activate the limbs.

Similar to the benefits of shaolin qigong, the body’s movement system can be maintained to keep it easy to move, especially the joints. Movement of limbs, namely hands and feet actively will facilitate the elderly when they want to move from one place to another.

This aerobics activity also consists of various types of movements, which are divided into 3 phases. What are those? The stretching, core activities, and cooling phases. 

These three parts are already the right composition for you to exercise optimally. In fact, every movement of elderly aerobics has been adjusted so as not to be too extreme.

2. Exercising Body Strength

Optimal body strength also included as an  important benefit of seniors aerobics. You could try to prove it yourself. The strength of bones, muscles, and joints in the elderly that are no longer strong can be strengthened again by the movement of elderly gymnastics. 

Over time, this elderly aerobics can increase body strength, so the body can be more protected from various injuries. Gaining the previously strong body strength that they had before is not that impossible to do, as long as they want to put time into it.

3. Achieve More Flexible Body

Flexibility is an important component in exercise for the seniors. Aerobics for the elderly is able to train flexibility in the limbs and joints, which is really important. Various movements in elderly gymnastics can be practiced regularly to train good flexibility. joints will also feel easy and light to move.

Body flexibility also reduces the risk of nerve disorders, muscle pain, joint pain, and so on. Various health risks associated with limbs can be prevented by regular and continuous gymnastics.

4. Improves Respiratory Organ Function

Carrying the same function similar to the benefits of naukasana, aerobics for the elderly or seniors is also necessary to improve the function of the respiratory organs. When stepping on old age, a person will experience a decrease in limb function. 

Aerobics actually plays a role in helping to improve it in order to make its function stay normal and further avoid health problems. The respiratory organs of them will remain healthy with adequate exercise. 

Some movements which include light exercise can provide an opportunity to relax the body and train breathing when the body is actively moving. Lung health and blood circulation will be smooth again, and it goes the same with heart health.

5. Improves Limbs Coordination

Coordination between limbs will decrease overtime during seniorhood. One way to do it is by doing some aerobics, which is often considered as an effective way to improve coordination of the limbs and joints. By being trained in aerobics, now they can run things well because there are minimal to no health problems.

This good coordination is also obtained from the motion system, including nerves, which can function properly. Thus, every stimulus can also be responded well, without any liability.

6. Creates a Stronger Immune System

The immune system is also very important for the elderly, especially since their condition has begun to decline. A good immune system will certainly prevent various types of diseases. You can form the strength of the immune system by routinely doing aerobics in your spare time.

The physical strength of the body that is maintained will certainly stabilize the immune system. Thus, the body’s defense system will be able to attack bacteria or viruses that come close. This protection is a good form of body defense created by heavy and extensive body movements.

While aerobics for seniors are certainly adjusted to normal level for their body, this exercise is still considered an active one. So, even though the movements are not clearly the same with aerobics for teens and adults, the seniors can still gain some pretty benefits from it.

You can also maximize this effect by consuming something that’s fresh and healthy, like having the health benefits of yoghurt.