10 Health Benefits of Losing 30 Pounds in Short and Long Term

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Healthy weight means better shape and to reach that goal required a healthier lifestyle. Having body weight problem is not something that should be taken for granted. Most people prefer to choose instant solution but even the healthiest way to loose pound is not without risk. It is better for you to just reduce the risk by choosing the way as healthier as possible. You have been looking for the best solution that suits your need of dealing with body weight problem and even if you have found several options, starting it is the most difficult thing to do. You need a big will power to start whatever weight loss diet program you have chosen or recommended by your trainer.

The BMI calculator result didn’t satisfy you? You need to loose at least 30 pounds to reach an ideal weight and shape. That’s why finding out the health benefits of losing 30 pounds is important. You could use it as motivation that will force you or remind you that having better shape means having better life.

  1. Healthier Life

Health Benefits of Losing 30 Pounds in short term and long term is for healty. Excess body weight is closely related to several serious health problems. Below are example of health problems that might occur due to overweight and obesity:

  • Type 2 Diabetes; the chance of developing this type of diabetes is higher in people with overweight issue.
  • Hearth Disease; due to unhealthy fats contain will slow down the blood regulation which will cause your heart to work harder.
  • Hypertension; overweight problem is also able to increase the risk of hypertension due to higher blood pressure.
  • Metabolism issue; well, slower blood regulation and excess body fat could s

Just by losing 30 pounds or at least 10% weight of your current body weight could reduce the risk of all health problems mentioned above.

  1. Better Shape

The lower scales showed means the smaller fat cells. Smaller fat cells mean tinier body shape. Your dream of having ideal shape is a little closer if you no longer having problem with body weight. The perk of having ideal body shape is you could dress better and even the simple dress could look prettier.

  1. Better Focus

Most people won’t aware of the fact that over weight issue could cause you being forgetful. Losing weight could affect brain to function better. Logically, excess fats contained in body will cause slower metabolism as well as blood regulation from and to the brain which will directly affect the brain performance.

  1. More Energetic

Having lighter weight means your body required less energy for daily activity. Lesser energy for one activity means more activities you could do. Even to move their body, people with over weight problem required more energy than people with normal body. You will be more energetic and will not get tired easily if compared to people with heavier body weight.

  1. Better Mood

Mood might be controlled by hormone and in simple case it is just a matter of psychological. It is true that the losing weight process could be a bit depressed, especially for those who feel forced to do it. However, once the goal achieved, progressively mood will get better and better after you could enjoy all the health benefits of losing weight. You will be more confident because of the better image you have.

  1. Easier for Pregnancy

One of the problems why a couple is difficult to have children is due to obesity or excessive body weight. The reason is probably hormonal because weight problem could increase progesterone hormone production which could prevent ovulation process and reduce the egg quality.

  1. Better Sex Life

Do you know that people who exercise more will have a better sex life than those who never do exercise? Well, by exercising you could loose your body weight and at the same time improve your sex life. Besides that, the more confident you have with your body, the sexier you will feel.

  1. Improved Social Life

Losing your weight and having a better body shape could improve your image and confidence. Due to that, the improvement of your social life will follow suit. You will dress, look, talk even walk in better way.

  1. Sleep Better

A person with excess body weight is easily suffering from sleeping disorder. Better sleep means better and healthier life.

  1. Better Life

In summary, just by losing several pounds of your weight you will have a healthier life, better lifestyle and in other words, a totally better life.

The 10 health benefits of losing 30 pounds mentioned above could be used as your motivations with BETTER LIFE as your main goal. As starting point, don’t put too high target because the most important is the progress you have achieved. Slower result is better than instant result because it is not only about better shape but also a better life.