6 Proven Health Benefits of Jogging at Night

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Jogging has been one of the best choices of sports nowadays. There are so many health benefits offered by jogging, such as losing weight, strengthening the immune system and even relieving stress.

It is recommended for people to have 30 minutes of jogging a day as stated in 20 Health Benefits of Jogging 30 Minutes A Day. Some people enjoy jogging in the morning as it gives fresh air and that seems to be the right time to start the day. However, some people prefer jogging at night.

Is there any slight difference between jogging in the morning and at night? Besides the time, the health benefits of jogging both in the morning and at night are basically the same.

There are some reasons why people enjoy jogging at night more than in the morning, such as their working time or the tight schedule in the morning that disable them to have jogging in the morning.

Let’s see the remarkable 6 benefits of jogging at night, and surprisingly, no. 1 is the best!

  • Stress Relief

During the day, most of the people spend time working in the office or outdoors. Most of the time, people also need to face deadlines and lots of work to do. When it is night time, it is good to spend some time for jogging. According to the MayoClinic.com, exercising helps people relieve stress.

By having exercise, people will be able to release endorphins, the chemicals that boost the sense of well-being, leading to relaxation and improving mood. By doing jogging at night, people will be able to boost the self-esteem and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Relieving stress is important as if people keep holding the stress without relieving it, then it may lead to more serious condition, which is depression and other 24 Health Risks of Stress (No.8 Everyone Avoid This).

Why should you stop doing jogging while it can improve both your physical and mental health? Spot the other 6 Mental Health Benefits of Jogging Worth Remembering too!

  • Promoting Better Sleep

One of the benefits of having exercise is having better sleep. During the day, people tend to get exhausted with lots of work to do in the office. As a result, people need better quality of sleep at night. One way to have it is by doing jogging at night.

After jogging at night, then people will be able to have deeper sleep and reduce the number of times they awaken at night. For people who suffer from insomnia, then a night jog might also help them have a couple of hours to sleep before they start a new day.

Sleeping has a lot of benefits, just as elaborated in 12 Optimum Benefits of Sleeping With Your Back for The Spinal Bone. Never underestimate the power of good sleep!

  • Less Heat to Beat

Jogging generates lots of heat as people are exposed to sunlight. By jogging at night, people will be able to avoid direct sunlight so that they can beat the heat.

The difference of temperature between jogging at noon and after 10 p.m. may be as greater as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is even greater when people do jogging after the sunset, as the exposure to harmful ultraviolet will drop to zero.

However, jogging in the morning is good as it gives healthy sun light, look at the Health Benefits of Having Sun Exposure.

  • Longer Time for Working Out

In the morning, people tend to be in a rush while they are jogging. It’s because they have to start their day in the office based on the schedule, so jogging in the morning might not be as efficient.

As people jog at night, especially after work, they will have longer time for working out their body. They don’t have to be worried of arriving at the office late.

  • More Fuel for Working Out

Most of the people who jog in the morning might not have time to fuel up their body with breakfast. As a result, they tend to jog with empty stomach. Actually, this habit is not good. As people jog, they will need more energy as they will burn some calories in your body.

When people jog at night, they will have more time to fuel their body first before working out. They will have more time to prepare everything they need to eat before working out. Just make sure you don’t eat right away before a run as this can lead to upset stomach or cause pain in the stomach.

  • More Power for the Next Day

Night jogging will be preparing people for an awesome tomorrow. The drained stress level and good quality of sleep will make them get ready for the next day. They will be refreshed when they wake up and they will be ready for everything on the next day.

Though jogging at night gives people the remarkable health benefits, but still it cannot be given too much exposure. Have a consultation with a physician will be a better option to start the routine.

 Some things should also be considered while jogging at night, such as the safety, the visibility and the limit of someone’s own body. It might be less safe to jog at night around the certain areas.

Then, the visibility of the street during the night might not be as clear as the day time. And the most important is the limit of someone’s body. If it is too tiring to have a jogging at night, then never force yourself to do it.