Benefits of Eating Cat Food, Is It Even Safe for Human?

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There are a lot of crazy speculation out there about the high protein content of cat food may be able to fulfil the daily intake protein of human. It is true that protein is essential for human metabolism and some people out there are finding it difficult to make sure the daily intake is fulfilled. However, is true that benefits of eating cat food may become the best option available?

What Cat Foods Are Made Of?

Generally cat foods are made of meat, meat byproducts, poultry, seafood, grain, cereal, some vitamins and minerals which are formulated according to the nutritional needs of cat which is mostly protein-rich. Right now there are a lot of types of cat food from dry food up to canned food that you could choose based on your cat’s favourite. Yes, even cat has its own favourite type of food. Moreover right now along with the development of technology, there are also some varieties of cat snacks.

Benefits of Eating Cat Food and Whether It Is Safe for Human or Not

As mentioned above there are some crazy speculation that the high protein content of cat food may be beneficial for human as well. Now the next question is whether eating cat food is safe or not for human? Some studies have found out that human body is an amazing system that could handle cat food but there are some points you should know about cat food as well and what happen to human body after consuming it.

  1. Benefits of Meat

As mentioned above cat food is made of meat, poultry, seafood, grain and etc which are the same as what human have consumed, so basically human body could handle it. When talking about the benefits of eating cat food and then you will get all the health benefits of red meat, poultry and probably seafood when you eating it.

  1. Excellent Source of Protein

You must have known about the health benefits of meat, poultry and fish which are the excellent source of protein. Since meat, poultry and seafood are the main ingredients of cat food, so it is also true that cat food is excellent source of protein. However, it is not hard to fulfil the daily intake of protein because protein is available in both animal and plant-based products. If somehow you cannot fulfil the protein intake from food, you still have wide options of supplement. So, cat food is not the recommended option in this matter.

  1. Cat Food is Super Nutritious

Well, if you are reading the ingredients, cat food is super nutritious. You could find an amazing list of vitamins and minerals. However, those additional ingredients added to cat food were added based on the nutritional needs of cat to make cat healthy and not to make human healthy. However, the human liver and kidney may be doing amazing job in eliminating those additional ingredients that humans don’t need. So, in other words, it is still quite safe for human to eat cat food and though cat food is super nutritious but the problem is not all those nutritious contents were needed by human.

  1. Excellent Source of Minerals

As mentioned in the previous point, cat food is excellent source of minerals such as health benefits of iron, magnesium, ash and so on. However, the high content of minerals in cat foods are probably too high for human but once again, human has amazing metabolism system to eliminate unnecessary or excessive compound that their body don’t need.

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamins

Not only as excellent source of minerals and cat food are also excellent source of some essential vitamins. But still, if it is only for vitamins there are a lot of and better options of foods that human could consume instead of cat food because those vitamins were added based on the cat’s nutritional needs not human.

Cautions of Eating Cat Food for Human

Though as mentioned above that human body could handle cat food and some people just over their curiosity are willing to try eating cat food but still there are some cautions you should know about cat food.

  • As mentioned above that cat food is high in minerals and probably too high for human, especially ash. Though liver and kidney could do amazing job to eliminate those excessive minerals but for those who already have kidney problem like symptoms of kidney stone may put them in danger if consuming cat food due to its high minerals content.
  • Those who have weak stomach may need to avoid eating cat food at all cost because eating cat foods could lead to some conditions like vomiting, nausea and even diarrhea.
  • Allergic reaction is also able to occur for those who are allergic to some animal products because sometimes you cannot make sure about the source of meat used in cat foods. Though the ingredients said the cat food made of meat but the possibility of the ingredients were made with poultry and seafood is still high. Those who are allergic to seafood may still suffer the same effect.
  • Most of cat food is made or produced based on the needs of cat nutrients. Not only that the smell of cat food is also especially made to attract the cat not human, so though somehow you find the cat food tasty but the smell could be really yucky for human.

Well, if it is only your curiosity about the benefits of eating cat food and what happen to your body after eating cat food perhaps try it once or twice will not cause any harm to your body but of course it is not enough reason for you to eat it regularly just because somehow you find it tasty. Those cat foods were made for cat for a reason besides there are a lot of options of healthy weight loss foods for human that even tastier than a can of cat food.