17 Benefits of Rosewater for Dry Skin (#1 Indian Skin Treatment)

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Dry skin might be a problem for some people. Compared to oily skin, dry skin is more risky, as people say that dry skin is prone to aging. Wrinkles and fine lines are easier to appear on a dry skin. In addition, some other skin problems are also easy to appear on dry skin, such psoriasis and flaky skin.

We can conclude that dry skin need special treatment from inside and outside. The inside treatment, we can fulfill the need of nutrients for skin by consuming healthy food with excellent content of vitamin C and E, also mineral. We can get those beneficial values from fruits, such as avocado with Health Benefits of Avocado for Skin.

It is also important to drink much water to keep skin hydrated. Drinking much water will give you the Health Benefits of Drinking 6 to 8 Glasses of Water A Day. And for the outside treatment, we can use many kinds of skin care product either the natural or chemical one. However, you wouldn’t miss the ability of rose water, the classic main character in every beauty treatment. Well, rosewater has been used for ages as it possesses benefits of rosewater for dry skin.

The Benefits of Rosewater for Dry Skin

Rosewater has been used for a long time, especially in Middle East and South Asia. They use rosewater either as aromatherapy or skin care product. The natural rosewater made of the distillation of rose flower. It makes rosewater not only fragrance but also beneficial for all type skin. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of rosewater for dry skin. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Prevent wrinkle

Rosewater owns an excellent amount of antioxidant. Therefore, using rosewater as staple treatment for your skin may keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. It is moisturizing while halting the process of aging. As we know, the aging process can be signed by the presence of wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles, we can also occupy ourselves with high collagen intake with Health Benefits of Collagen Drink.

  1. Prevent flaky skin

The severe dry skin might prone to flaky skin. It is not only uncomfortable, but also annoying to have flaky skin. We can’t simply ignore and cover it with something. We need to treat and heal the flaky skin. In this case, we can use rosewater. Rosewater will moisturize the skin, aid the regeneration of new cell, and remove the flakes.

  1. Get rid of dandruff

The dry skin may lead to flaky skin, and the same thing also happens on scalp. Well, the dry scalp may stimulate the appearance of dandruff. The benefits of rosewater for dry skin is included the ability in nourishing dry scalp.

Dandruff appears as the result of dry and mild inflamed scalp. In this case, rosewater offer the complete remedy for the problem without leaving the scalp dry just like the shampoo does. In addition, the use of rosewater on scalp may also aid the hair growth and hair moisturizing.

  1. Hydrate skin

It is true that we can keep our skin hydrated by maintaining healthy food intake such as vegetable, fruits, and water. However, we can also keep the skin hydrated by employing topical skin treatment such lotions. Well, actually we can use rosewater as skin lotion to keep our skin hydrated. It is very beneficial for those with dry skin type. 

  1. Anti-inflammatory property

In some cases, we get our skin inflamed. It is because the sun exposure, irritation, and the other skin problem on dry skin. But don’t worry. Many skin care expert state that rosewater is able to soothe your skin and heal the inflamed area effectively. It is better to use the chilled rosewater to heal inflammation more quickly.

  1. Aid skin regeneration

One of the benefits of rosewater for dry skin is that Rosewater can also aid skin regeneration. This way, we can use rosewater to sterilize wound and aid the wound recovery. Well, people commonly use alcohol for this function. However, alcohol is able to make the dry skin even drier.

Therefore, it is better to use rose water instead of alcohol to treat wound on dry skin. The ability of rosewater in regenerating new cells can also be associated by the ant aging property in rosewater.

  1. Antibacterial property

As mentioned before, rosewater can be used as the replacement for alcohol on dry skin. It is also supported by the fact that rosewater possesses antibacterial property added with the ability to moisturize skin. Therefore, the use of rosewater for wound in dry skin is able to heal wounds without making it too dry during the recovery process.

  1. Deep clean skin

One of the benefits of rosewater for dry skin is the ability to deep clean the face skin and avoid the clogged pores. It is recommended to steam your face before the cleaning process to open the pores and make the cleaning process easier. After that, you can just apply rosewater on skin using soft cotton ball to lift the dirt evenly and tighten the pores after the cleaning process.

  1. Makeup remover

It is true that we can easily gram make up remover product from stores. However, not all make up remover product safe for dry skin. Some of the products contain alcohol which makes the skin drier and even irritated.

Regarding to this problem, it is better for those with dry skin to use make up remover which mainly composed by essential oil such the Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Make Up Remover. Or else, you can also employ the benefits of rosewater for dry skin as makeup remover. The astringent property in rosewater is able to thoroughly clean the makeup stain.

  1. Face sprayer

Dry skin type is easily to get dryer in an open air. So if you have dry skin type with many activities outside, you might need to frequently apply moisturizer. However, doesn’t it bother you to frequently excuse yourself to the powder room, applying moisturizer, and re touching your make up?

It is going to be simpler to spray the moisturizer wherever and whenever you can. Wait, is that possible? The answer is yes. You can put the rosewater in a spray bottle so that you can use the sprayer whenever you feel your face dry without ruining your make up. It will give you fresher look in an instant time.

  1. Save under eye area

Under eye area is more gentle and drier that the other part of the face. Therefore, it needs extra care than the other part of the face. However, under eve area is also more risky from dark circle, eye bag, and wrinkles. Regularly apply rosewater around the eye using soft cotton ball prior the bed time. Tap gently to chill your under eye are and you’ll have the fresher look in the morning.

  1. Remove blemish

Using rosewater as regular face cleanser can also get rid of blemish. It is effective to remove the dark spot as the sign of aging and gradually eliminate scar because of acne breakout. So, this fragrance water is beneficial to make your face more radiant.

The other benefits of rosewater for dry skin are:

  1. Remove redness
  2. Brighten skin
  3. Treat dermatitis
  4. Treat sunburn
  5. Treat eczema

The recommendation in using rosewater for dry skin

There are many ways in using rosewater to get the benefits of rosewater for dry skin. Some of them have been mentioned above. So, here are the recommendations in using rosewater for dry skin:

  • Cleanser
  • Sprayer
  • Waterproof makeup remover
  • Facial mask
  • Eye compress
  • Lotions for hair and skin
  • Rose-scented bath

To use rosewater in the recommended ways above, you can combine rosewater with the other beneficial ingredients, such olive oil to get the Benefits of Applying Olive Oil On Skin as skin lotions or mashed banana for facial mask to get the Banana for Skin Benefits.