15 Surprising Benefits of Not Shaving Pubic Hair #10 Amazing

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Ladies, do you shave your pubic hair? Do you ever think about the benefits of not shaving pubic hair? Well, for those who love go on a sexy bikini, shaving is a must. Keeping your pubic hair may inter your appearance, especially when you need to wear a minuscule bikini on a sunny beach day out.

Nowadays, we can easily grab shaving cream product from the store. It aids the safe and healthy shaving. Not only shaving, some other method is introduced to support your performance without the afraid of pubic hair peeking incidents, such waxing. Waxing let women have their pubic hair removed in an instant way, and they don’t have to worry about shaving every day and every week since waxing also halt the growth of the pubic hair.

Besides the unspoken agreement that keeping pubic hair is unsexy and unfeminine,  some women think that shaving pubic hair is a part of cleaning your private area, so that you feel cleaner and more comfortable without pubic hair. However, you should remember that everything created for its benefits. So does pubic hair. Therefore, shaving pubic hair may avoid you from getting the benefits of not shaving pubic hair. Want to know more about the benefits of keeping your pubic hair? Stay and read up the page!

The Benefits of Not Shaving Pubic Hair

As mentioned before, pubic hair exists for some reasons. One of the reasons is the health reason. Well, the benefits of not shaving pubic hair will mainly related to the health issue. Here are the benefits of not shaving pubic hair:

  1. Prevent yeast infection

Yeast infection can be identified by itchiness around the pubic area. In this case, pubic hair helps in preventing the infection by presenting as natural barrier to yeast infection. It is in line with the statements from many dermatologists that pubic hair is able to control the moisture of the area which takes part in reducing the risk of yeast infection.

  1. Prevent Sexual Transmitted Infection

Keeping your pubic hair is not only keeping you from yeast infection. It is also able to lower the risk of sexual transmitted infection. It is possible since avoid shaving means avoid having unseen open cuts as the result of the shaving or the hair removal process which enhance the risk of transmitting.  A study even revealed that women and men with pubic hair grooming habit have higher risk of sexual transmitted diseases

  1. Keep the area dry

It is essential to keep your area down there clean and dry. Some of you might think that it will be easier to keep the area clean and dry without hair attached on the area. However, the opinion is apparently wrong. It is because pubic hair is able to effectively absorb sweat around the pubic are.

  1. Regulate body temperature

One of the benefits of not shaving pubic hair is that the hair ability in regulating body temperature. Just like all the hair in mammals, pubic hair also takes part in regulating body temperature. The hair work well to balance the temperature down there. It will give you warmth during cold, and reduce the temperature when you feel the heat attacking.

  1. Avoid irritation

Just like the Benefits of Shaving Hair and Its Health Risks, shaving pubic hair may also have its risk. One of the risks is irritation. Therefore, one of the benefits of not shaving pubic hair is avoiding irritation. It is known that shaving pubic hair, especially when you use the common razor might be very risky as it improve the risk of cuts and the ingrown hair. Further, it may also cause some horrible effects such pimple, redness, burn, and itching.

  1. Protect vagina during physical activities

As mentioned before that the existence of pubic hair is not only related to the ornamental objectives, but also health issue. A certified ob-gyn stated that having your pubic hair unshaved let your vagina protected during physical activities. The hair present an ability to act as a cushion to protect your sexual organ from friction during some activities such cycling, work out, and even sexual intercourse.

  1. Prevent herpes

Herpes is caused by viral infection and indicated by the appearance of itchy wound on the skin. In this case, keeping your pubic hair may give you the benefits of not shaving pubic hair in preventing herpes. It is possible as the hair inhibit viral and bacterial infection around the pubic area.

  1. Avoid unhygienic shaving

You try so hard to keep your pubic area clean and hygienic. One of the efforts is by removing your pubic hair. However, the habit is apparently mistaken. You might think it is easier to clean your pubic area without any hair attached on it.

However, the equipment you use during the hair removal process might not present the good work in keeping the hygiene as the razor might be unknowingly unhygienic and tend to be risky for your health.

  1. Improve sexual pleasure

Most people are pleased when the have their hair rubbed. Regarding to this, we can also relate to the existence of pubic hair. Keeping pubic hair may increase pleasure during the sexual intercourse as there will be more pleasing sensation when the pubic hair is being rubbed or caressed either intentionally or unintentionally.

It is possible since every hair on skin have caress sensor in its nerve ending. Therefore, removing pubic hair may reduce the sensation. Not only for you, keeping pubic hair might also please your partner as some men love to rub and have the direct contact with your hair, especially the sexual organ hair.

  1. Improve sexual attraction

Surprisingly, pubic hair improves the production of pheromones. Pheromones will stimulate particular smell on your pubic area. The smell is known to be able to improve sexual attraction for the partner.  So why don’t you keep your pubic hair unshaved and let your partner or spouse enchanted by your pheromone?

The other benefits of not shaving pubic hair are:

  1. Prevent skin abrasion
  2. Avoid the painful hair removal methods
  3. Prevent abscesses
  4. Save your treatment cost
  5. Prevent untidy hair growth

Recommendation in Keeping Pubic Hair

Keeping your pubic hair unshaven doesn’t mean that you should barely trim or shave the hair. Well, although it is better to keep the pubic hair for its benefits of not shaving pubic hair, yet we still need to trim some of it when the hair is being too ‘bushy’. In addition, it is also important to keep the hair clean by wash the area with the safe soap product.

It is recommended that you use the natural soap such Health Benefits of African Black Soap. This way, you can avoid odor especially during your menstruation. As we know, the pubic area needs extra care during the monthly period.

However, if you insist to have your pubic hair shaven, make sure to apply some beneficial essential oil on the skin after the hair removal process. It is intended to lessen the risk of irritation and infection from the shaving process. Therefore, you can apply Benefits of Applying Olive Oil On Skin and Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin  to prevent burn and moisturize the skin. Or else, you can also have the Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil on Skin to avoid pimple and soothe the ingrown hair.