20 Great Health Benefits of Eating Apple before Bed Time

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Apple is one of the fruits that is very popular and consumed a lot by the people. When talking about apple, there are a vast variety of apple in Indonesia and one of the famous ones is the Malang apple.

Besides eating it raw, this type of apple has also been produced into many products such as apple jam or fruit juice such as the apple juice, which by the way, there are a lot of health benefits apple cucumber juice. The apple seeds and leaves also has a lot of benefits that we can take.

Nutrition Contents of Apple 

NutritionTotal% of Daily Needs
Calory0 g1%
Fat0 g0%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium2 mg0%
Carbohydrate25 g8%
Fiber4 g17 %
Sugar19 g
Protein0 g
Vitamin A2%
Vitamin C14%

Other contents inside apple:

  • fitonutrien
  • flavonoid
  • polyphenols
  • vitamin B complex (riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, or vitamin B6)
  • potassium
  • phosphor
  • calcium

Health benefits of eating apple before bed time

The benefits of apple for the health has been known for a long time. There are a lot of benefits from apple that there is even a proverb about it, saying that “An apple a day keeps your doctors away”.

Some of the health benefits of eating apple:

  1. Prevent free radicals
  2. Decrease the risk of lung cancer
  3. Decrease the risk of diabetes
  4. A perfect diet menu
  5. Prevent heart disease and stroke
  6. Smoothen the digestion system
  7. Increase memory ability
  8. Overcome asthma
  9. Make the mouth healthy
  10. Make the eyes healthy
  11. Detoxification
  12. Increase the immune system

Then, what are the benefits of eating apple at night?

Eating apple in the morning or at night actually give benefits to the health since the nutrition from apple will still be absorbed by the body despite when we consume it.

However, there is a belief that eating apple at night or one fruit every night before going to bed will increase the metabolism that allows the body to be slimmer. Is it true? According to a nutritionist, Amanda Ursell, eating one apple at night will allow us to avoid digestion problems. This is because apple is rich of natural fiber that can dissolve in the water or we can also call as pectin.

Besides that, apple also contain natural sugar in it that can increase the blood sugar level slowly although apple only have a few calories. If you believe that the calories we consume at night will turn into fat, that is not true. The calories that turned into fat are the calories accumulated from the body within a day. The calories will not immediately turn into fat after we eat.

However, Amanda also says that apple actually doesn’t really play a big role in increasing the body’s metabolism. The ones that are really effective to increase the metabolism of the body is the hot sauce and mustard. You can look at the health benefits chewing mustard seed as one of the way to gain this benefit.

This theory is supported by a scientist at Oxford Brookes University research who proves that in only two hours after consuming mustard and hot sauce, the body’s metabolism will increase until 15%. The research also showed that at the minimum 6 cups of green tea can help to burn 100 calories every day.

Therefore, if you eat apple every night in order to get slimmer, that may be unlikely to happen unless you have a diet trainer who told you so. This will also need a strict diet schedule. The health benefits of aronia berry juice and health benefits arugula are also good to increase your body’s metabolism.

The only real health benefits of eating apple before bed time is that it is better to eat fruit at night rather than biscuits or other processed foods that contains carbohydrate in it. If you feel hungry again after dinner, consume fruits such as apple will be better for your health and will not add more calories or carbohydrate to your body since at night your body will not really need energy.

Besides that, since apple have a fulfilling trait, only one apple will already be enough to make your stomach calm again. There are actually a lot of health benefits eating fruit night. It depends on which fruit that you like, however, like how this article have explained, apple would be a great choice since it has a lot of health benefits of eating apple before bed time.