Benefits of Sperm for Hair Health every Women Should Know

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Hair is a crown not only for women but also for men. That is why healthy hair is very important not only for health but also beauty benefit. The key to healthy hair is healthy scalp and there are a lot of methods you could do to make sure your hair grow healthy and beautiful. One of the methods is by using sperm or semen.

Why Sperm Is Good for Hair?

Aside from being yucky, semen which is well known as sperm, though semen is actually containing of sperm and other active compounds that are surprisingly really good to promote healthy and beautiful hair growth. It is because semen contains Vitamin C benefits, vitamin E, melatonin, glutathione, SOD, catalase, GPx, pyruvate and carnitine which are excellent and potent antioxidants. To learn more about the benefits of spern for hair health the list below may tell you in details.

  1. Contains Excellent Antioxidants

As mentioned above there are some active compounds found in sperm or semen that could act as antioxidants. For hair antioxidants are very essential because direct exposure from sun, wind and pollution are the sign of hair is vulnerable to free radicals. Antioxidants are the only solution to prevent the damage caused by free radicals.

  1. Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

If you think your hair doesn’t need protection from inflammation and then you thought wrong. It is because the key to healthy hair is healthy scalp and it is possible for scalp to suffer from inflammation. The anti-inflammatory content in sperm or semen is super potent to protect your scalp and the result is the hair follicles could grow healthier, stronger and shinier hair.

  1. May Prevent Hair Loss

Do you know the main reason why a person is suffering from hair loss? The answer is mineral deficiencies like iron, calcium or zinc deficiency from foods and daily needs. Some studies have found out that sperm or semen contains essential minerals such as zinc and potassium that could promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. Those who are suffering from baldness may consider using semen to prevent it earlier before it is too late.

  1. Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Well, there is no point of preventing hair loss if you don’t think about the solution of hair growth. Fortunately, just by using sperm or semen you could solve both of the problems, preventing hair loss and at the same time is also promoting healthy hair growth.

  1. Rich of Protein

Do you know that protein is very essential for hair growth? Well, for those who don’t know, hair follicles that responsible to promote and optimize hair growth are mostly made of protein. That is why if somehow you could provide protein from inside you could apply it from outside and it is a common knowledge that sperm or semen is an excellent source of natural protein.

  1. Excellent Source of Mineral Contents

As mentioned in point number three that minerals are essential for healthy hair growth. Specifically, sperm or semen is excellent source of mineral contents which are good for hair health. You could list some minerals such as zinc, potassium, calcium and even sodium. The benefit of zinc for hair has important role in hair repair and growth, while benefits of calcium for hair to promote stronger hair.

  1. Makes Your Hair Stronger and Shinier

As mentioned in the previous point, the existence of calcium in sperm or semen may promote your hair to grow stronger and shinier. Aside from that the health benefits of potassium that could optimize the blood flow is also having significant role in stimulating the hair growth by distributing nutrients and oxygen to the scalp.

  1. Good for Scalp

For healthy scalp you need healthy blood flow that brings nutrients and oxygen. As mentioned in some points above, healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair growth. Some active compounds found in semen or sperm have been proven to be good for scalp health with one condition, you should rinse your hair thoroughly after you apply it to your hair and scalp to prevent clogged pores.

  1. Prolonged Hair Growth

One of the problems most people will face especially women who love having long hair is difficult to keep their hair long and healthy. Some problems like split ends, tangled hair and frizzy hair are only some examples they should face daily. Well, semen contains some active compounds that could help solving the split ends problems along with tangled and frizzy hair.

  1. Considered It as DIY Hair Treatment

Though there are a lot of hair treatment products you could find easily in the marketplace but sometimes natural solution is the best option in this matter. You always have your man to give you all the benefits of sperm for hair health if pregnancy is not the option.

Cautions of Using Sperm for Hair Treatment

However, there are a lot of things you should consider when using sperm or semen for your hair treatment.

  • There is always a change of allergic reaction. You would never know until you test it yourself. So before you pour the liquid to your hair and massage it to your scalp is better to test it first in a small skin area to see how it reacts.
  • The most important thing you should consider as well is to make sure that the semen you are going to use is STD-free. Surely you don’t want to pour the infected liquid to your scalp and hair. In other words, you should discuss it with your men to ensure that he is fully tested.
  • If you have done it for some times but with no specific result, there is one thing you should clearly understand that this liquid is not produced in large quantity, so for significant result you need to do in a bit longer time.

Some people might be wondering about whether the benefits of sperm of hair health are valid information or not. Well, there are a lot of studies have been conducted to find out the exact nutrients or compounds contained in semen that are easy to find. Even more there are specific studies about the health benefits of drinking sperms. Those studies are scientific studies followed by intensive researches conducted by experts.