5 Health Benefits of Sesame Oil for Bath for Healthier Skin

In Ayuverdic medicines, 40% of it contains of sesame seeds and it has been used in many different forms such as powder, paste and oil. Botanical name of sesame is Sesamum indicum and its ayuverdic name is Tila. There are various color of sesame seeds, there are black, white and all it between include red. […]

11 Health Benefits of African Bitter Kola You Never Know

Bitter Kola also known as garnicia kola. It is originally comes from western and central Africa. As a tropical flowering herbal plant, it has been used for a long time as healing properties. Botanically belongs to plant family Guttifereae. Beside garnicia kola, bitter kola also have bunch of another name such as Bokyi, Edyn, Efrie, […]

6 Health Benefits of Amaranthus Spinosus (Natural Cures)

Amaranthus spinosus common name is  spiny amaranth and it is belong to amaranthaceae family. It is originally comes from fields in South America towards Central America to Mexico. You can cook the leaves and stems or eaten raw to get its very nutritious benefits. This herbal plant mainly found in warm area and known for […]

6 Health Benefits of Bathing with Gomutra that You Should Know

Gomutra literally translates to “cow urine”. It is commonly known to be therapeutic and often used in Ayurveda or alternative traditional Indian Medicine. India has all these amazing and famous herbal plant ever. There are health benefits of Cardamon,  health benefits of Indian bay leaves, or health benefits of Indian long pepper. You mention it. But […]

5 Benefits of Taking Zoloft and Wellbutrin Together for Mood Stabilizer

Mental health is as important as physical health. Sometimes, folks with symptoms of depression have to take certain medicine or drugs to help to get through the day. It is very important to know what and how each medicine works. Zoloft belongs to Sertraline family and it is usually used to treat depression, panic attack, […]

26 Benefits of Bathing in Epsom Salts and Baking Soda

We all love good bath, especially after a very long day on Monday. Benefits of hot shower is already soothing and relax our body, what about hot bath with magnificent beauty and health benefits?  There are a lot of detox bath recipes, such as oxygen bath, clay bath, and Epsom salts with baking soda. All […]

5 Benefits of Washing Hair with Castile Soap for Healthier Scalp

Castile Soap is all-natural veggie based soap. It is genuine soap without any detergent in it or any chemical ever, isn’t that cool? This soap basically only contains of water, essential oil, coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil and jojoba oil. All these oil are fantastic, i mean one coconut oil benefits is basically good […]

15 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil in Belly Button Every Night

Coconut oil is an edible oil pressed from meat of coconut. It has been used in all over the world especially Africa, Asia and South America for a very long time. It is contain of high saturated fat and famously endorsed by blogger or celebrity for it’s high nutrient value, healing power, and soul-enhancing triggers. […]

16 Pecah Beling Benefits for Overall Health

Strobilanthes Crispus or Pecah Beling Leaves origin comes from Madagascar, but widely grown in Indonesia and Malaysia. In Indonesia, Strobilanthes Crispus common name are Bayam Karang, Enyoh Kilo, Jin Batu, Keji Beling or Pecah Beling. While in Malaysia, it is called Black Face General, Hey Mian Jiang Jin, Karang Jin, Kejibeling or Pecah Kaca. This […]

15 Health Benefits of Solanum Trilobatum You Didn’t Know

Solanum trilobatum is an herb covered by thorn, even on its leaves. It is also known as purple fruited pea eggplant, while its Botanical name is Solanum trilobatum. It has been used in Siddha medicine for various home remedies. In India, it’s also used to make delicious dish. To get any health benefits of Solanum […]