5 Health Benefits of Sesame Oil for Bath for Healthier Skin

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In Ayuverdic medicines, 40% of it contains of sesame seeds and it has been used in many different forms such as powder, paste and oil. Botanical name of sesame is Sesamum indicum and its ayuverdic name is Tila. There are various color of sesame seeds, there are black, white and all it between include red. Black sesame has the best quality and white is medium quality, while the red one has low quality

Sesame oil itself has been used as essential oil, therapeutic oi, massage oil even in cooking and it is incredibly soothing and relaxing. It has anti inflammatory and antibacterial contains. It is inexpensive and have loads of major health benefits. Sesame oil can be mixed with any other herbal plant to be used as healing properties especially for wound healing medicine. While we can use sesame oil in so many ways, we will specifically talk about health benefits of sesame oil for bath.

Nutrient Value of Sesame Oil Bath

Health Benefits of Sesame Oil Bath

  1. Skin health treatment – Sesame oil contains vitamin E, linoleic acids, stearic acids and palmitic acid that really good to be used as moisturizer
  2. Anti aging – Antioxidant in sesame oil slowing down the skin aging and prevent wrinkles and fine lines
  3. Skin detoxification – One of many health benefits of sesame oil for bath is to removes all dangerous toxin from our environment every day
  4. Prevent antibacterial infections – Its antibacterial substance works really effective to inflamed or wounded skin, and treating skin disease such as eczema and psoriasis
  5. Healthy hair treatment – Sesame oil can be used to improve health of hair by darken the color and replenish hair quality.

How to take bath with sesame oil

  1. Prepare hot water
  2. Prepare olive or almond oil (check out the awesome health benefits of almond oil)
  3. Fill the bath with hot water
  4. Wash your body with hot water
  5. Apply and rub sesame oil mixed with olive or almond oil into the skin
  6. Wait for 15 minutes
  7. Wash with warm water

This is the Alternative Sesame Oil Bath

  1. Prepare hot water
  2. Fill the bath with hot water
  3. Add bubbles and another essential oil
  4. Gently massage sesame oil into your hari and scalp
  5. Massage into your body, slowly and take your time on it
  6. Soak in the warm water

Precautions of Sesame Oil Bath

Sesame oil has particular contains that helps skin treatment. However, it is best to seek doctor advice if you have particular medical condition to avoid any unwanted side-effects or even tiny bit of a reaction to using sesame oi. Sesame oil is safe for babies children.

Health benefits of sesame oil bath for kids is it can be used to help natural deep sleep and cure headache for kids. Sesame oil also has the effect of lowering blood pressure. Regardless, health benefits of hot shower or bath is already fantastic, imagine it is mixed with this incredibly sesame oil and you get the most relaxing experience.