5 Benefits of Washing Hair with Castile Soap for Healthier Scalp

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Castile Soap is all-natural veggie based soap. It is genuine soap without any detergent in it or any chemical ever, isn’t that cool? This soap basically only contains of water, essential oil, coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil and jojoba oil. All these oil are fantastic, i mean one coconut oil benefits is basically good enough, what about three natural oil? Let’s start with one of many health benefits of olive oil, it basically makes amazing hair and skin health. Now continue to talk about your favorite essential oil, the rosemary.

Health benefits of rosemary essential oil evidence base is to prevent and overcome dandruff problem. Castile comes originally from Spain. This is cruelty free and certified organic product which is very suitable for vegans. Because it is contain lots of different vegetable oils, the potassium hydroxide change properties on the vegetable oils into soap and glycerin, which produce more foam with less water.

Because of its natural formulation, it is safe to be used for pregnant women and safe for babies. Furthermore, it is free from artificial things such as foaming, colors, fragrances, toxic anti bacterial agents, etc. There are two forms of castile soap which are hard bar soap or liquid soap.

This herbal product is way too good to be true. It is so natural, yet have enormous benefits. Beside the amazing benefits of washing hair with castile soap, you can also use castile soap as as detergent, body wash foaming face wash, shaving cream, foaming hand soap, homemade natural baby wipes, natural homemade all-purpose cleaner, mopping, hand-washing dishes, dog shampoo, and even a plant bug spray.

  1. It makes your hair feel fuller
  2. Gives clean healthy feeling to scalp
  3. Treatment for oily scalp

How to Wash Hair with Castile Soap :

  1. Prepare coconut milk 8 drops
  2. Prepare apple cider
  3. Mix coconut milk with 1 drop of castile soap
  4. Wet your hair and scalp
  5. Put in your hair, massage your scalp
  6. Cleanse with water
  7. Finish with apple cider vinegar hair rince as conditioner

Or you can try this famous recipe

  1. 2 tbsp liquid castile soap
  2. 2 tbsp coconut milk
  3. 4 drops geranium oil
  4. 4 drops lavender oil
  5. Mixed it well in a jar and use it as shampoo!

Caution of washing hair with castile soap

You can only get benefits of washing hair with castile soap if you avoid mixing with acid contain products such as vinegar or lemon juice. Benefits of lemon water is no doubt, but it’s a big no to use it together with castile soap. Castile soap is base, and it will be only effective if you don’t mixed it with any acid. It would have the possibility to mess your hair.

Anyhow, castile soap is not for everyone because we all have different hair and adjust differently with different products. Benefits of washing hair using castile soap could only be effective if you don’t pour too much like regular chemical shampoo. Due it’s very strong effect, so try to experience with a few drops for a start.