10 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Kids All Parents Should Know

Sweet potatoes are a tuberous root vegetable that develops from a blooming plant. The skin tone fluctuates from yellow, red, white, purple, or brown, while the internal parts range from white to orange-red.  If we were to make a dream team of ingredients for your kid’s food menu, sweet potatoes would most likely top the […]

27 Health Benefits of Purple Yams (#1 Alternative Protein for Vegans)

There are a lot of studies that stated some varieties of yams are great replacement of carbohydrate from rice or whole grains. Surely you have known that carbohydrate could cause some conditions like diabetes and weight gain due to high concentration of glucose contained in carbohydrate but still avoiding it is not the solution because […]

35 Health Benefits of Yams – Pregnancy – Menopause Treatments

Speaking of healthy living, people are striving to look for solution so they could get all the nutrients from food they consume with minimum side effects. Simple example, carbohydrate is one of the important compounds to produce energy but the side effect like weight gain and diabetes caused by too much glucose from carbohydrate are […]