10 Health Benefits of Kale for Diabetes – Scientific Evidence

Diabetes is a disease that is affected by high blood sugar levels in the body. High blood sugar levels in the body can cause the need for insulin produced by the pancreas will also increase. However, the pancreas has a limited task to produce insulin so that if the sugar level is too high then […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Kamias (No.8 Surprising You)

What are We Can From Of Kamias? Hallo Mas Bro and Mbak Bro Before we talk about the kamias benefits. Let us introduce to this plant first. Kamias’ binomial name is averrhoa bilimbi. The scientific clasification of this plant are like this. No Name Explanation 1 Kingdom Plantae 2 Division Magnoliophyta 3 Class Magnoliopsida 4 […]