19 Incredible Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

As its name, dandelion root tea is extracted tea of dandelion root. It is different from dandelion coffee because dandelion coffee is made of extracted root of dandelion. Meanwhile, dandelion tea is made of the root and the rod of dandelion flower. However, they share similar taste. Dandelion roots are indeed contain of numerous vitamins […]

7 Health Benefits of Xylopia Aethiopica (#Proven)

The recent trend showed the choice of remedies is not only coming from modern medical technologies. There are a lot of people started to consider the effectiveness of home remedies coming from natural ingredients found in nature. A lot of studies have been conducted to focus on finding natural ingredients from surrounding in order to […]

26 Proven Health Benefits Of Galangal (No.5 Very Impressive)

Since the dawn of human civilization until today, plants have given many benefits to human health and have became one important source of medicine especially in traditional medication. Some herbs are well known as best source of natural chemical compunds which have effects to human body. One of the herb that has been used familiarly […]

14 Proven Eucalyptus Oil Benefits (No.9 Very Impressive)

Eucalyptus trees are mostly found in Australia since it is their natural habitat. They are similar to pine trees. However, there are several visible traits to distinguish eucalyptus from pine trees, such as its slick rod, leaves, flowers. The flowers of eucalyptus are similar to edelweiss. They likely to blossom twice a year when they […]

30 Proven Benefits of Curcumin for Health #1 Anti-Cancer Agent

Have you ever heard about turmeric? Maybe it sounds strange for some people. Actually, turmeric is one of herb plant. It is usually found in Southern Asia, such as in India, Indonesia, and some Pacific islands including Hawaii. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is well known in India, especially as an ingredient in culinary. Turmeric gives curry […]