10 Benefits of Carrot Scrubs for Health and Beauty Treatments

The scientific name of this orange-colored vegetable is Daucus Carota L., yes, we are talking about carrots. In the beginning, carrots grow wildly in Turkmenistan, Transcaucasia, Iran, and Central Asia. In some regions in Indonesia, carrots are also called as bortol, wertel, wertol, or even ortel. The plant needs a cold and humid temperature and […]

15 Health Benefits of Cucumber Pickles and Carrots

Pickle is one of the food supplies we would usually find in the restaurants, mostly on the ones that sells fried foods and also heavy meals with meat in it, like goat meat. The type of pickle that is often used is the cucumber pickles and carrots. These type of pickle are the ones we […]

10 Health Benefits of Juicing Carrot with Apple You Must Know

Do you like fruit juice? What fruit do you usually use? Have you tried the carrot and apple juice? Apple has many benefits, as well as carrots. If combined into one in the form of Health Benefits of Juicing Carrot with Apple, would have many benefits for the body. Based on research that has been […]