Health Benefits of Lorazepam: Will it Saves You or Ruin Your Life?

While there’s like 725 helpful things you can do to help your anxiety, starting from limiting caffeine to meditation, taking medication definitely can help. There’s a stigma from taking meds for anxiety and other mental problems. People rarely discuss the fact that medication is not a cure. It doesn’t make life rainbows and butterflies. It […]

Health Benefits of Bee Propolis Capsules and Side Effects

Aside from honey, royal jelly, benefits of bee pollen, health benefits of chewing beeswax natural beauty treatments or bee bread, another notable bee product that you should take notice of is the bee propolis. Bee propolis, or the bee glue is the outcome product of bees by combining saliva and beeswax with exudate sourced from botanical […]

17 Uncover Mushroom Side Effects (No.2 Dangerous)

A mushroom is a fleshy plant which has the spore-bearing fruiting body of the fungus. It grows above ground wildly or some of them are cultivated for many different purposes. There are many species of mushrooms, such as fairy-ring mushroom, enoki, shiitake, oyster mushroom, and also magic mushroom like Psilocybe, paddy straw mushroom, etc. Mushroom […]