14 Best Benefits of Lotus Stem in Pregnancy for Pregnant Mother

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There are many nutrients needed by pregnant woman. Therefore, the benefits of lotus stem in pregnancy also considered by several woman. Mainly because this herbal plant will help to bring various advantages when consumed before labor. This is why the lotus stem is one of the natural alternative if want to have a good health during pregnancy.

Lotus stem is include as aquatic plant that considered save for consume. The plant is origin from India and grow better in tropical weather. Apparently, the plant not only can result a beautiful flower. But, the root also can consume and believe bring several medical health for the human body. Mainly in India that believes in Ayurveda medicine for hundred years.

How to Consume Lotus Stem During Pregnancy

There are several ways to get the advantages of the stem, mainly for pregnant woman. In case interesting to consume the stem, see below ways to consume it.

  • The stem can directly consume as vegetables. Therefore, simply cut of the stem into pieces and cook with other vegetables. This can be served during lunch time or dinner.
  • In case of having no time prepare the stem for meal, it is better to get the stem extract that available in the medicine store as a capsule or pills. This can help to bring the same benefits but easier to consume daily.
  • The stem also produce as a flour. Therefore, this also another option to gain the benefits through using the lotus stem flour for making several meal or dishes.
  • In Korea, the lotus stem is extracted as a tea. Therefore, it can consume as beverage in the morning time.

Nutrient Content of Lotus Stem

There are several nutrients that contain inside the lotus stem. in each 100gram of this meal can help to provide 74kcal and 17gram of carbohydrates. Furthermore, it also contain fiber, folates, vitamin A, vitamin C, sodium, potassium, calcium and iron. For more specific benefits, mainly the benefits of lotus stem in pregnancy, check on below lists of points.

1. Rich in Fiber

Lotus stem is quite rich with fiber. While pregnant mother will need more fiber during their pregnancy. Mainly in their third semester. This actually bring the same health benefits of black quinoa that also rich in fiber too.

2. Good For Digestive

The fiber content will help to manage a better digestive system during pregnancy. This can consider important during the third semester to avoid any problems or difficulties with the digestive process.

3. Contain Folate

The stem also rich in folate that one of the important nutrient during the pregnancy. Therefore, consume this vegetable can be a good natural solution to bring enough folat for the fetus.

4. Improve Fetus Development

Folates is one of the important nutrient to help with fetus development. Therefore, consume enough folate will help the fetus to optimally grow and avoid further possibility of premature birth. The same way as the benefits of longan fruit for pregnancy that also improve the fetus development.

5. Develop Fetus Brain

Folate also good to manage a better brain development. Therefore, consume the stem will manage to develop a better fetus brain and nerve.

6. Avoid Anemia

The lotus stem also rich in nutrients that can optimize the form of red blood cell. Therefore, it can be a good treat to avoid anemia. While this symptoms mostly happen during pregnancy. Therefore, it will help to manage a good level of red blood cell and avoid any risk due to anemia

7. Produce Better Sleep

Another benefits of lotus stem in pregnancy including to help provide a better sleep. It is common that pregnant woman will have difficulties in sleeping. Therefore, consume the stem can help to manage with this problems. The same way as the benefits of sleeping 8 hours a night that also help to improve a better sleep.

8. Strength Bone

The vegetable also rich in calcium that will manage to bring more mass to the bone. Mainly during the pregnancy where most of the mother’s calcium will be absorbed by the baby. Therefore, consume the stem everyday will manage to supply enough calcium for a strong bone during the pregnancy.

9. Avoid Cavity

The calcium content also good to avoid any risk of cavity. Therefore, it can be a good solution to avoid toothache during pregnancy.

10. Strong Muscle

The nutrient inside this vegetable also good to help adding more muscle mass. Therefore, pregnant mother can be strong enough to carry the baby. Mainly the foot muscle that easier to get tired. Through consume the lotus stem, it will help to bring the same health benefits of zma for a good muscle strength too.

11. Fetus Nutrient

The vitamin and mineral from this plant will help to supply nutrient for the fetus. Therefore, it will be a good food to consume everyday during pregnancy.

12. Anti Oxidant

The plant also rich with high anti oxidant. Therefore, it will help to avoid further free radical effect to the fetus.

13. Immune Booster

The plant also rich in vitamin C that can help to manage a healthy body. Therefore, it can avoid any sickness during pregnancy. The same health benefits of jamaican star apple that also good to be a natural immune booster too.

14. Healthy Heart

Consume the vegetables will also help to improve the heart vessel. Therefore, it can help to manage a healthy heart and avoid any risk of getting heart attack.

Recommendation When Consume The Lotus Stem

Lotus stem might have many advantages, specially for pregnant mother. However, several recommendations still needs to be attend since there always risk for the fetus in doing or consuming anything. For the best and optimum benefits of lotus stem, it is better to check on below recommendations.

  • In case of getting any allergy symptoms, such as rash or redness, it is better to stop consume the stem.
  • There is a possibility of parasite transmission when eaten raw. Therefore, it is better to always cook the stem properly for consumption of pregnant mother.
  • Avoid consume the stew together with medical medicine to avoid any possible interfere or risk to the fetus.

Those all the benefits of lotus stem in pregnancy, specially for pregnant mother who wish for a good and better pregnancy time. Therefore, in case of having a baby bump, then this stew can be a good option to consume. Make sure to cook it properly and minimize the risk as possible. This can help to nitrify the fetus without giving more risk or hazard.