Exciting Health Benefits of Playing Candy Crush

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Video games are an addictvely entertaining thing to spend on for leisure or just for killing time. Despite not everyone enjoys playing it, but then there is a high chance that almost everyone who lives today have some exposure or experience playing it. One popular arcade video game that has been trending among all age groups over the past few years is Candy Crush. What are the exciting health benefits of playing Candy Crush?

An Introduction to Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a free-to-play match-tree puzzle video game released by King in 2012, based on the browser game of the same name. Candy Crush is playable in Facebook, Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10 platforms.

The game is played by swapping coloured pieces of the candies on a game board to make a match of three or more candies of the same colour, after which it will be eliminated from the board and replace them with newer sets in order to advance to the next level. It works almost similar to health benefits of popping bubble wrap. Boards to be completed are fixed with a time limit or a maximum number of moves, in which one should not exceed any of the limit in order to proceed, therefore requiring the players to think fast while playing.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Candy Crush Improves Cognition

Even the most basic video games require multitasking, problem solving and decision making skills. It doesn’t really matter if one has poor decision skills, because when practiced consistently it will develop over time, similar to cognitive benefits of playing video games everyday.

  1. Candy Crush Helps to Curb Craving

This may sound unique, but then gaming in general is able to curb craving, which will return in the form of weight loss. If one constantly look for something to eat when bored, try divert attention by playing fun games like Candy Crush. It’s really exciting, addicting, and therefore one is likely to forget about snacking for a while!

  1. Candy Crush Improves Coordination

A video game player requires motoric, audial, visual and attentive skills in between the gadget and the screen. Whatever happens on the screen trains our motoric skills to be more agile in reacting.

  1. Video Games also Improve Problem Solving Skills

Every video game has its rules and a plot to it. This requires the player to solve the problem while still following the rules, and also think of strategies that could be done as the player advances into the next stages of the game. In the case of Candy Crush, the main objective is to eliminate as many candies as possible within the limited amount of time and moves.

  1. Video Games Enhances Attention plus Concentration

Candy Crush is intense enough to grab the player’s attention and concentration throughout the whole course of the game. This is so because if the player misses just one small detail, it could affect the player’s achieved scores. Therefore, concentration is much needed in order to succeed.

6. Video Games as a Learning Tool

Apart from being a source of entertainment, video games like Candy Crush could come as a learning tool, just like in educational video games. Candy Crush is an interactive way to introduce different shapes and colours to children.

7. Video Games are Psychologically Useful

Video games may also improve self esteem and confidence in the player, especially if the player is a competent gamer or a top scorer. High self-esteem and confidence are important for a better social and personal life.

8. Video Games as Recreation

Many people make use of video games to temporarily escape from the realities of the world, or in short for recreation. Despite looking so unimportant, recreation is needed by people so that they are less exposed to stress and to obtain some motivation in going back to reality.

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That concludes the exciting health benefits of playing Candy Crush. See? Even the most enjoyable things in life could be good for your health!