Health Benefits of Blue Tinted Glasses – Fashionable and Healthy!

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In eyewear, tinted glasses simply mean glasses that are layered with coloured films. Tinted glasses come in various light colours, such as aqua, blue, red, pink, purple, amber, yellow, orange or green. In terms of style, tinted glasses have been used as a fashion statement since the 1990s.

They help the wearer to look more fun, casual as well as unique in their own ways. However, there is more to tinted glasses compared to just being a piece of fashion statement; each colour has its own specific advantages and uses. And now, what are the health benefits of blue tinted glasses?

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Types of Coloured Tint Glasses

  • Bright Tints

Bright tints, other than making the wearer look fabulous and cheerful also provides total protection against UV rays and excellent clarity. They are also very suitable in reducing vision disruptions from prolonged exposure to digital screens by filtering blue light emitted by the screens. Aside from that, bright tints also improve contrast by offering maximum glare and protection against light.

Since bright tints provide contrast, in return the eyes get soothed, which enables the wearer to better see details, contours and others. Colours categorized as bright tints include yellow, amber, orange, certain shades of red as well as blue.

  • Dark Tints

In the meantime, dark tints mute brightness while maintaining clarity and contrast levels. They are unique in the sense of protecting the eyes from glare but at the same time are still light enough to ensure that your vision doesn’t lead to impairment. Colours that belong to dark tints include dark green, dark blue as well as grey.

  • Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are tinted lenses that react to the amount of light being exposed to. They are also unique in the sense of allowing the wearer to combine regular glasses with his or her prescription ones. The lenses automatically clear itself when exposed to minimum light, such as in the dark or indoors but likewise it will darken as you move into brighter areas such as outdoors, therefore offering full protection against UV rays.

Uses and Advantages of Blue Tinted Glasses


  • Fasionable
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Reduces glare
  • Helps the wearer to see contours clearly
  • Improves vision colour perception


  • Spectator
  • Golf

Ideal Weather Conditions

Blue tinted glasses are ideal for weather conditions that disrupts eyesight or visibility, such as mist, fog or snow.

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What are the Health Benefits of Blue Tinted Glasses?

Here are the health benefits of blue tinted glasses:

  1. Blue Tinted Glasses Offer Maximum Protection Against Glaring Lights

Glaring lights are the ones that directly enters the eyes in overwhelming amount thus interferes the vision. When the eyes are exposed to abnormally bright lights, one will naturally react either by closing it or looking away as a form of protection, because otherwise the retina will start to get ruined. By wearing blue tinted sunglasses, which are contrast lenses, the eyes will be significantly guarded from glares or any other forms of extremely bright lights.

  1. Blue Tinted Glasses Also Guards the Eyes from UV Rays

UV rays or ultraviolet rays are radiative light, one notable example being sunlight itself. Long-term exposure towards UV rays; in particular UV-B rays have been associated with various forms of eye damage, such as macular degeneration, loss of vision, cataracts, among others.

One way that can be done to protect ourselves from this hazardous light is by wearing sunglasses during sunny weather. Prefer blue tinted sunglasses that guards the eyes from UV-A and UV-B rays by 99-100%, which can be indicated by the label “UV 400”. It means that the sunglasses block all light rays with wavelengths at a maximum of 400 nanometres.

  1. Blue Tinted Glasses Improve Eyesight

Blue tinted glasses help to improve eyesight by allowing the eye to see contours around objects more clearly and precisely. In the meantime, the colour properties of blue, which generates a calming effect also makes seeing less stressful and hence useful for long term usage.

  1. Blue Tinted Glasses Ensures Safety During Extreme Weather Conditions

During certain weather conditions that disrupts visibility, such as mist, fog or snow, one is recommended to wear blue tinted glasses. This is especially true in snow because it highly reflects light, UV light as well. Snows reflect as much as 80% of ultraviolet radiation, which makes staring at the ground as hazardous as staring into the blue sky. That is also the reason why people who are skiing often use sunglasses or protective goggles with blue lenses. 

  1. Blue Tinted Glasses Reduces Fatigue During Reading

Reading directly under the sun causes fatigue, and yes, it is bad for the eyes as well. This is so because the contents of the book are reflected by the sunlight, therefore causing the cornea to intensify, pupils to contract irregularly and the eye nerves to stimulate.

That causes the eye to feel tired and fatigued at the end. Before the eyesight gets any worse, it is best for us to wear sunglasses first before reading under sunlight, given sunglasses’ original purpose of filtering light.

  1. Blue Tinted Glasses Also Protect Wearers from Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an eye disease that leads to loss of the central parts of the vision, caused by blue light or fatty deposits underneath the retina. In the meantime, high-energy visible light (HEV) or the blue light is a high-frequency and high-energy light.

Macular degeneration requires intensive medical diagnostic and treatment. Treatment can help, however in several cases macular degeneration is permanent for life. This is why for sun-sensitive people sunglasses are very important.

  1. Blue Tinted Glasses Can Also Shield the Wearer from Skin Cancer

Finally, not many people realize that skin cancer also has the potential to reach the eyelids. In this case, the cancer affects the eyelids. Blue tinted sunglasses, just like any other variants of sunglasses can help minimize the risk of eyelid skin cancer.

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses whenever you are doing outdoor activity, such as when exercising, walking, sunbathing, doing errands and more.

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