17 Health Benefits of Cannabis Leaves (No.4 Surprising You)

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As soon as we heard the cannabis plant, the first thought that may come up is the illicit crops, dangerous, illegal, and this plant should not be consumed. However, if it is used properly, cannabis brings many health benefits especially its leaves. In raw for, cannabis leaves contain a nutrient compound called cannabinoid which brings many benefits to treat many diseases. Here are 17 surprising health benefits of cannabis leaves:

1. Act as an anti-inflammatory agent

The antioxidant content in cannabis leaves can act as anti-inflammatory agent. It prevents the body from any inflammation diseases such as arthritis or colitis disease.

2. Help to prevent cancer

Cannabis leaves act as an antioxidant which can remove free radicals. Free radical is substances that going through in the body and can cause cancer. You can consume the raw cannabis leaves as a juice to prevent cancer. In addition, the active component cannabinoid has been proven can inhibit the tumor cells growth and also kill them.

3. Prevent the chronic illness

The cannabinoid compound in cannabis leaves has the effect in preventing chronic illness. It can reverse a host of chronic illness and relieve the illness faster.

4. Maintain the immune system

Cannabinoid in cannabis leaves has a unique immune-regulating capability. It can help to normalize the system function of your body including immune function and cell communication.

5. Help to treat the autoimmune disorder

Basically, we have endogenous cannabinoid in our bodies. It is effective to regulate the immune function in the body. However, sometimes our bodies have an overreaction in the immune system which leads to autoimmune diseases, such as lupus. In this condition, cannabis leaves can help to normalize the immune functions and help them to work back properly.

6. Improve the nervous system functions

The cannabinoid in cannabis leaves can bridge the gap of neurotransmitter in the brain. It will provide the two-way system of communication which can improve the nervous system function. This compound sends the signal and receives the feedback from the tissues or all organs in the entire body. It is effective to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer disease or dementia.

7. Improve the bone function

Cannabinoid promotes the bone growth. It makes cannabis leaves have the health benefits to improve the bone function.

8. Help to treat the neurologic problems

Cannabis leaves have the cannabinol compound that can reduce the symptoms of neurologic problems, such as uncontrolled facial grimaces, tic, involuntary grunt, shout, and snort which all of these symptoms are known as Tourette’s syndrome.

9. Effective treatment for seizure

Cannabis leaves contain cannabinoid which acts as a muscle relaxant and cannabinol which has an antispasmodic effect. Both compounds can help to treat the seizure effectively.

10. Help to treat migraines

Cannabis LeavesThe muscle relaxant effect of cannabinoid in cannabis leaves has also the benefit for treating migraines. It will make you relax and relieve your pain in migraine condition.

11. Help to treat glaucoma

The health benefits of cannabis leaves to treat glaucoma have been researched several times and this is the best new invention for the glaucoma treatment. According to the National Eye Institute, cannabis leaves can decrease the pressure of eyeball, slowing the progression of the disease, and preventing blindness.

12. Relieve the effect of chemotherapy

Cannabis leaves can relieve the effect of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting. Cannabidiol compound in cannabis leaves gives the signal to the brain to reduce nausea and vomiting feedback.

13. Help to treat multiple sclerosis

The antispasmodic effect of cannabinol in cannabis leaves works to stop the muscle spasm effect of multiple sclerosis. It makes the multiple sclerosis patients feel better with this herbal plant.

14. Help to overcome the premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) comes in various symptoms, mainly come as cramp and discomfort of the back. This is because of the muscle spasm in the lower area of the stomach. Cannabinol antispasmodic effect in cannabis leaves bring the benefits to reduce the PMS symptoms.

15. Relieve anxiety

Cannabidiol compound in cannabis leaves acts as anxiolytic which sends the signal directly to the brain. It is very effective to relieve anxiety in any psychology or psychiatry disorders.

16. Inhibit the bacterial growth

Cannabis leaves can inhibit the bacterial growth through the mechanism of cannabinoid and cannabidiol actions. They can slower the growth of bacterial and also kill them effectively.

17. Protect the heart from ischemic disease

Cannabis leaves have an anti-ischemic effect to protect the heart from the ischemic disease. It can happen because cannabis leaves contain cannabidiol which can reduce the risk of arterial blockage that makes the heart ischemic disease.

17 surprising health benefits of cannabis leaves have been explained above. Remember to use the raw and fresh cannabis leaves to get their benefits. You can consume them as a fresh juice maximum 1 cup per day. Here are the steps to make the cannabis leaves as juice:

  1. Get 15 fresh cannabis leaves.
  2. Wash them to remove any dust and other particles.
  3. Blend them with 200-300cc of water.
  4. Add the other fruits or vegetables like strawberry or carrot to decrease its bitterness.
  5. Drink it freshly once per day.

Don’t heat the cannabis leaves because the cannabidiol and cannabinoid will blow away. If you heat them, it will be tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive agent that brings a lot of side effect like a marijuana cigarette. It is not good for your health. So, use this herbal plant wisely as your alternative diet to get the health benefits for your body.