14 Useful Benefits of Soapstone – Make Kitchen’s Countertops Healthier

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In this modern days of age, every house should have kitchen countertops tops built. Kitchentop makes cooking or dishwashing a lot easier. It really help when you need to do some vegetables slicing.

In general, it helps a lot in preparing your ingredients, as you do not need to switching back and forth from position to position, thus you only need to stand up to prepare for your dish. But, only good and solid material is selected to build a kitchen countertop.

There are many types of material used in constructing kitchen countertop. Some of the best material used are natural stones, silicate minerals, wood, metals, crafted glass, manufactured materials, concrete, etc. Among these materials, the most used one is natural stones. Some of natural stones used are granite, limestone, marble, soapstone, gabbro, and slate.

The quality and type of the materials used may affect some features of the kitchen countertop or other buildings. One of the stones that can improve countertop is soapstone. Soapstone has been used in most architecture implementations, such as countertops, tile floor, etc. This stone also has many benefits when used in any surfacing. Outside from decoration purpose, soapstone has been used in other purposes. Here are some examples (See also : Benefits of Ganozi Shampoo):

Composition and Characteristic of Soapstone

Scientifically, soapstone’s dominant component is talc. There also found diverse amount of chlorite, amphiboles (tremolite, anthophyllite, and cummingtonite), and slight amount of iron chromium oxides. According to petrologists’ analysis, “pure” soapstone (or stealite, in petrology language”) is composed of approximately 63.37% silica, 31.88% magnesia, and 4.74% water, as well as small quantities of other oxides, e.g. CaO or Al2O3.

It is found that talc in soapstone share some physical characteristics with pyrophillite. Soapstone and pyrophillite also have been used in industries and for carving. Another characteristic of Soapstone is it has soapy feeling when touched (softer grades). (Recommended : Benefits of Onion for Weight Loss Treatment)

OK, that’s information about composition and characteristic of this natural stone. Now, check these benefits of soapstone out :

1. Soapstone is the best material to build kitchen countertop

Based on soapstone’s history, it is one of best manufacted stone used in building many interior architecture applications, such as kitchen countertop.

According to survey, people who plan to build kitchen countertop or sinks prefer soapstone than other natural stones or materials. This indicates some benefits of soapstone when used as kitchen counter top. It is possible that soapstone may have better qualities than other manufactured materials.

2. It has been trusted as building material since a long time ago

This is not much a benefit, but this may be an indicator. Historically, it is believed that Soapstone has been used quite commonly since late Archaic archaelogical times. This gives us a clue as to why it has benefits for us.

3. It is preferred stones for masonry

In masonry, soapstone is commonly preferred to build woodburning heater. According to stonework experts, the properties of soapstone or stealite is suitable for building fireplace surroundings. What properties are important for building fireplace and its alike will be explained in the next points. (Recommended : Guduchi Benefits for Diabetes)  

4. It has thermal properties

One of amazing benefits of soapstone. Based on architecture studies, the experts have found that soapstone possess thermal properties. That means, soapstone works very well even at extreme temperature.

5. It can absorb heat

Due to its physical characteristic and chemical composition, soapstone can absorb heat caused by burning or exposure to high temperatures (e.g. sunlight).

6. It can store high temperature

Another good side of using soapstone in any building is its ability to store heat caused by high temperature. This properties makes soapstone a powerful and a durable material. (Recommended : Health Benefits of Black African Soap)

7. It has been used by many artists for carving

According to hystory of masonry, soapstone has been long used for carving by artists or contractors since a long time ago.  In India, for example, it has been used as a medium for carving for centuries. People used to mine soapstone in abundant amount because of  its value.

8. It has high density physical attribute by nature

Another good benefits of soapstone. According to masonry specialists, naturally, soapstone is very dense. This characteristic is very useful for building countertops, sink, fire place surroundings, woodburning stoves, and so on.

9. Soapstone can not easily stained

Well, as material for architecture applications, particularly kitchen countertops, soapstone provides a benefit that can be useful in any kitchen activities.

According to researches, soapstone naturally is resistant to any stain. This is due to its surface can not be penetrated by cooking leftovers and possibly also due to its soapy characteristic, unlike other construction stones such as granite, quartz, sandstone, and marble. If you want your kitchen free from stains, you may as well use soapstone. (Recommended : Health Benefits Bamboo Charchoal Soap)  

10. It is more nature friendly and harmless to the body

According to scientists’ report, architecture applications made with soapstone are harmless to the body and more nature friendly than non-organic manufactured materials e.g. quartz, terrazo, concrete, compressed fiber or paper, and so on so forth.

11. It is more resistant to any damage

One of excellent benefits of soapstone. That’s correct. According to masonry experts, soapstone has certain properties (that other stones do not have) that allow it to absorb any damage including heat, cold, or anything. It works by reducing the impact of the damage, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your properties or kitchen countertop, or even floor tiles.

12. It is safer from any bacteria infections

According to some researches, scientists have found that soapstone material would not absorb any microorganism (e.g bacteria, fungi, virus, etc) because its surface can’t be penetrated.

13. It can be easily repaired

Because soapstone can be obtained from stone mines, it is easier to repair if somehow you managed to damage the surface.

14. It promotes the use of natural items

Using more natural stones such as soapstone, granite, etc can help prevent global warming and saving our environment. It also persuades people to use more natural sources for their building.

Treatment of Soapstone

Despite its benefits, soapstone surface still have to be cleaned regularly. Do not forget to clean it with H2O (water) or any cleaning spray.