Super Health Benefits of Jamun Leaves You Must Know

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Jamun plants turned out to have many benefits,from the fruit and even the leaves contain many benefits. For those of you whoare new to the term Jamun, maybe what is more familiar to you is jamblang orjuwet. Yes, another name for Jamun is juwet or jamblang, and in Latin, it isknown as Syzygium cumini. Also known as Java plum.

This plant grows a lot in Indonesia and other tropical regions. Health benefits jamun leaves are a kind of guava and taste sourly known. And this plant has long been known as one of the ingredients in a mixture of medicines. Not only is the fruit fresh when eaten directly, but the leaves also have a myriad of benefits.

Some of the benefits contained therein are asfollows:

Preventsgastric cancer

Dr. A Seno Sastroamidjojo in his book OriginalIndonesian Medicine (1965) as a medicinal plant. And in traditional concoctionsin South America, a mixture of Dutch Jamun and cermai leaves has been shown toactivate the S-transferase enzyme in the liver. This enzyme can reduce the incidenceof gastric cancer by 80 percent.Or you can try this way: benefitsof taro root for cancer


Take a few sheets of Jamun leaves, then boiltogether with the bark of the Jamun tree. Chill a few moments then strain intoa glass. Filter water from the decoction of leaves and bark of Jamun tree isbelieved to be able to eliminate your sprue problems. Read more: healthbenefits of baking soda for candida

Treatingdiarrhea problems

Water boiled Jamun leaves are also believed to relieve digestive problems such as diarrhea or colic. This is because the health benefits of Jamun leaves contain substances that are very good for the health of the digestive system in general. You must read this: how to prevent diarrhea

Goodfor animal feed

In addition to natural medicines for somehuman health problems, Jamun leaves can also be used as animal feed. Animalssuch as goats and cows are often very hungrily if we provide leaves from thisJamun tree.

Absorbsthe sun’s UV rays

We all know that the heat of the sun can causeproblems ranging from ordinary to the most serious. The leafy Jamun plant willeffectively absorb the sun’s leaves. So that we who shelter under the Jamuntree will feel the coolness and prevent us from the dangers of the sun. Manyhouses, especially in rural areas, use Jamun trees as a solution to create acomfortable and cool home atmosphere.

Health benefits of Jamun leaves are known to be sturdy, woody and do not shed leaves. Very strong against hot climates and can grow in various types of soil even considered infertile. But now, especially in Indonesia, Jamun trees are being abandoned because of the large number of fruits imported from various countries. Though the juwet tree has many extraordinary properties.