10 Incredible Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds for Your Body and Brain

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Various health benefits of poppy seeds does not making people know about this seeds very well. It is because not really easy to find this kind of seed every where. However, it is found that this seeds can bring many advantage to the health and support several healthy body system.

Poppy seeds are firstly known in the central of Europe. It is actually an oilseed obtain from the poppy plant. This has been perform for thousand years making this seeds able to bring benefits from ancient years ago. Furthermore, the plant only grow in European area and not easy to cultivated in other countries. This make the distribute of the seeds only limited in other countries outside European.

To consume the seeds can easily do through extracting the seeds. Usually there is instant extract available in the medicine store. For the best benefit, consume the extract daily in the morning with a glass of warm water. To serve the extract also really easy. First, put a tablespoon of poppy seeds extract that has been blended previously. Pour some hot water above it and stir. Add some honey or lemon to give more delicious flavor. Then, the extract is now ready to consume.

Nutrient Content of Poppy Seeds

The poppy seeds known rich in several vitamins and minerals. There is no specific information that mention the content. However, normally the seeds contain enough calcium, iron, zinc and also magnesium.

Hence, it supply the body needs of these minerals and bring to several health effects. Below are several health benefits of poppy seeds that good for many aspect for the body system.

1. Reduce Asthma

Poppy seeds believe are a very good agent to help with the asthma syndrome. Therefore, many people use the extract to help the people who dealing with breath difficulties. Mainly due to allergically or similar caused. Furthermore, it is good to treat asthma symptoms getting better. This is the same benefits of ginger for asthma that can help to reduce the possibility of asthma attack too.

2. Better Respiratory

Consume the extract of poppy seeds also a good natural way to create better respiratory system. This seeds will work to optimize the breath system by avoid any virus and infection that attack the respiratory. Since it is common to get bacteria or virus infection in this area. Therefore, consume the seeds can help to manage avoid this possibility.

3. Avoid Cough

Since the seeds are good for the respiratory system, it is also a good treatment to avoid cough. It helps to relieve the pain and reduce the headache due to cough too. Furthermore, it can help to flush out the phlegm in natural way. Therefore, it is a suit treatment for people with light cough. This is the same benefits of ginger tea for cold and cough that can help to avoid cough too.

4. Reduce Sore Throat

Another benefit of consume the extract seeds including to reduce the sore throat effects. It will help to avoid the pain and help to reduce the inflammation. Furthermore, it can avoid any swollen throat and redness too.

5. Soothe Inflammation

The health benefits of poppy seeds including to help with any inflammation symptoms. It is good to avoid the pain and the swollen. It also lead to fasten relief and reduce the effects of the diseases. This is the same benefits of red wine soaked with purple onion that can help to soothe inflammation too. 

6. Avoid Anemia

The seeds are rich with iron and magnesium. Therefore, it will optimize the blood cell formation. Furthermore, it is a good way to avoid anemia including to avoid any unexpected dizziness.

7. Improve Better Sleep

Consume the extract seeds also good to help with relaxing the mind. Therefore, it will lead to improve a better sleep at night. A better respiratory also can lead to a better sleep experience too. This is the same health benefits of valerian tea that can help to improve a better sleep.

8. Improve The Lung

Since the seeds good for the respiratory system, it will help to ease the breath and improve the lung capacity. Furthermore, it can optimize the work of the lung in increase the oxygen level and improve the body metabolism system. Therefore, it can be another way to increase the body metabolic rate naturally.

9. Brain Capacity

If the lung works well in improving the oxygen level, it will help to improve the oxygen supply of the brain. Therefore, it also good to optimize the brain capacity. This is the same health benefits of herring fish that will help to improve the brain nerve capacity too.

10. Improve Immunity

As mention previously that the seeds capable to soothe inflammation and avoid infection, it is because of the capability of the seeds to manage the body immune system. Therefore, consume the extract seeds daily can help the body to develop better immune system. This will lead the body to avoid any bacteria and virus infection to the body and perform a healthier body system.

Cautions And Recommendation of Poppy Seeds

Even there are many advantages of consume this seeds, it is need to consider that the seeds also bring numerous side effects. Even most of the side effects is not really harmful, it is better to look at below recommendation before consume the extract seeds daily.

  1. People experience allergically condition shall avoid consume the extract seeds if experience itchiness, redness skin or swollen face.
  2. If experience nausea and dizziness after consume the extract, it is better to avoid continue consume it and do consult to the doctor.
  3. People under medical treatment shall avoid consume the extract seeds to avoid the possibility of interference between the extract seeds and the medical prescription medicine.
  4. Pregnant woman suggested to consult with the care giver before consuming the extract seeds to avoid the possibility of getting any miscarriage.

Those all the health benefits of poppy seeds that mainly good for the respiratory system. Therefore, if experience one or another symptoms of respiratory diseases, it can be a good natural option to relief the sickness. Furthermore, by consume the natural treatment, it will lead to minor effects.