List of Herbs Starting with E and Health Benefits

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If you don’t want to depend on chemical-based drug to treat some light conditions because you know natural solution is the best solution. Learning more about herbs and spices that may be beneficial for your health instead of those chemical-based drugs is essential. As the start below is the list of herbs starting with E and health benefits you should know really well.

  1. Echinacea

Echinacea is herbal plant native to North America. Echinacea health benefits are used traditionally to strengthen the immunity system to treat some light conditions like common cold, cure headache, some skin problems, insect bite and relieve constipation. In modern medication Echinacea is also used to prevent cancer and cure some respiratory problems.

  1. Echium

Echium is one of the flowering plant which widely cultivated for its seeds to be made into echium seed oil. Echium seed oil is rich of omega 3 fatty acid and used by vegetarian as the source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acid.

  1. Eggplant Leaves

Eggplant is vegetable which is well known for its nutritious content. Not only that the leaves are also containing some medicinal properties used as home remedy by the African. Traditionally, eggplant leaves are used to treat some digestive problems such as constipation and bloating.

  1. Ehretia microphylla

History said that Ehretia microphylla is originated from China but it is one of the well known as the list of herbal plant found in Philippines. This herbal plant is traditionally used to treat some skin problems such as eczema, scabies, insect bites up to itchy skin caused by allergy.

  1. Elaichi

For those who never heard about this herb, elaichi is another popular name of cardamom. Health benefits of elaichi for weight loss are very popular among those who are in weight loss diet program because elaichi is able to remove toxins, prevent fat accumulation and improve metabolism.

  1. Elderberry

People know about the health benefits of elderberry due to its amazing content to treat some respiratory problems from influenza up to sinusitis. Moreover, as part of berry family elderberry is rich of antioxidants and able to prevent cancer.

  1. Elderflower

Not only the berry but the elderflower extract is also used to treat some respiratory problems caused by viruses or not such as influence, sinusitis, cold, swine flu up to bronchitis.

  1. Emu Oil

Emu oil is essential oil made from Emu bird; a bird native to Australia. This herbal oil contains omega 3 fatty acid and some essential vitamins from A, D, E up to K. The health benefits of emu oil is excellent to manage cholesterol level and in daily basis could be used to treat sun burnt.

  1. Endive

Endive is vegetable commonly served as the mixture of vegetable salad. Health benefits of endive are not really well known because it is not a favourite vegetable due to its bitter flavour. However, endive is excellent source of fiber and able to improve appetite.

  1. English Bluebell

Specific studies have been conducted to find out that English bluebell contains some potential medicinal properties. English bluebell contains potent alkaloid that is commonly used to combat cancer and HIV.

  1. Epazote

Epazote is one of the herbal plant commonly consumed as vegetable. This plant is rich of fiber, vitamin A, carotenes, vitamin C benefits and folic acid. It means epazote is excellent immunity booster and recommended for mothers during pregnancy.

  1. Ephedra Sinica (Ma Huang)

Ephedra sinica is part of Chinese traditional medication. In modern world, this herbal plant is used by athlete to help managing their weight because it is good for weight loss.

  1. Epsom Salt

What makes Epsom salt is so different from the regular table salt? Well, the benefits of Epsom salt are not only for health but also for beauty. For health, Epsom salt is used to relieve stress, eliminate toxins while for beauty, Epsom salt is used to promote hair health and overcome dry skin.

  1. Erica

Erica flower is another popular name of heather. Both flowers and the leaves of this flowering plant are effective as home remedy for kidney and urinary tract. Erica flower and leaves are commonly consumed as herbal tea.

  1. Erigeron

Erigeron is commonly found in the wild, very edible with potential medicinal properties. The other popular name of erigeron is water crass. This plant is widely used as health tonic because the leaves are rich of minerals especially iron.

  1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is herbal plant commonly used in the form of essential oil. A lot of people start to realize about the health benefits of eucalyptus essential oil due to its essential properties such as anti-bacterial agents, analgesic, antiseptic, antiviral and many more.

  1. Euphorbia hirta

Euphorbia hirta is the scientific name of tawa-tawa leaves. The health benefits of tawa-tawa plant are well known due to its amazing benefits to treat dengue fever. Not only that the relaxing agent found in this herbal plant is also great to treat the symptoms of depression.

  1. Evening Primrose

Evening primrose is originated from North America and commonly cultivated to be made into essential oil. As home remedy the evening primrose oil is used to treat some skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis up to natural acne solution.

  1. Everlasting Daisy

Everlasting daisy is part of wild daisy species. This flowering plant is commonly consumed in the form of herbal tea to treat cough, sore throat up to bronchitis. The medicinal properties found in everlasting daisy are also used to prevent some chronic diseases such as liver and kidney stones. In modern world, some studies also stated that everlasting daisy could be used as blood detox.

  1. Ewedu Leaves

Not everyone knows about the health benefits of ewedu during pregnancy. Ewedu is excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C and history said, ewedu leaves are Cleopatra’s favourite. It is rich of antioxidants but also excellent source of calcium, so it is good for metabolism and also bone health.

The list of herbs starting with E and health benefits mentioned above should be remembered because you would never know that your collection of daisy could be used as first aid and able to save your life.