List of Herbs Beginning with Y and Health Benefits

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How many spices and herbs you consume in daily basis? Some people may find this question confusing but for those who know spices and herbs may find this question is a bit tricky. Garlic, onion and even pepper flakes you add to your foods have been counted as spices or herbs and they contain a lot of benefits for human health. The list of herbs beginning with Y and health benefits below will tell you more about how amazing the world of herbs and spices is.

  1. Yacon Fruit

Yacon fruit has appearance similar to potato but richer in essential minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium. Those who are diagnosed with certain type of diabetes could consume yacon fruit as staple foods to replace rice or potato.

  1. Yacon Leaves

Not only the fruit, the yacon leaves could be made into herbal tea as well. As they are rich of potassium and iron, yacon leaves tea are good to help controlling or managing the symptoms of high blood pressure and promoting healthy heart.

  1. Yam

The main health benefits of yam are highly recommended for mothers during pregnancy. The high carbohydrate and low calories content of yam is perfect as energy booster for mothers without worrying about obesity.

  1. Yam Leaves

While the fruit is good for women during pregnancy the leaves are good for every women because the vitamin K content found in yam leaves are effective to reduce the symptoms of PMS such as stomach cramp and excessive bleeding.

  1. Yanang Leaves

Yanang leaves are native to Southeast Asia and have been used as home remedy to treat fever, gout and joint paint since ancient time due to its anti-inflammatory properties found in this herbal plant.

  1. Yard Long Bean

Those who are suffering from gout or arthritis should avoid this bean but for those who are not could consume yard long beans whenever they want because it is rich of antioxidant, fiber and super crunchy and tasty.

  1. Yarrow

Yarrow could treat both physical and non-physical wound. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents found in yarrow could help treating wound and preventing it from infection while the sedative effect of yarrow could help reducing anxiety and the symptoms of depression.

  1. Yellow Bell Pepper

The bright yellow colour of yellow bell pepper is a strong indication that this vegetable is excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin C benefits, vitamin A and beta-carotene. All varieties of bell pepper are rich of folate which is good for mothers during pregnancy to optimize the brain development of the fetus and prevent baby born with birth defect.

  1. Yellow Daisy

There are a lot of varieties of daisy and yellow daisy is among the popular ones. The extract of this flower is commonly used as essential oil which is rich of polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and saponins. Those combinations are good to maintain healthy skin, slow down the aging, remove spots and eliminate wrinkles.

  1. Yellow Dock

Those who have problems with anemia could use yellow dock as alternative medicine in the form of herbal tea. Not only anemia, yellow dock is also natural body detox which is good for liver health.

  1. Yellow Mustard

Yellow mustard is native to India but with medicinal properties that people from around the world could get. According to some scientific studies, consuming yellow mustard could help improving digestion and optimizing body metabolism.

  1. Yellow Saffron Tea

The varieties of yellow saffron is commonly consumed as herbal tea with amazing health benefits such as good to fight depression, prevent Alzheimer, reduce the symptoms of PMS, body detox and good for heart health.

  1. Yellow Turmeric

When it comes to the benefits of turmeric, the list could be endless but generally people are using turmeric as home remedy to prevent wound from infection due to its anti-bacterial agents and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol leve.

  1. Yin Zen Pearl Tea

Yin Zen pearl tea is one of the famous Chinese herbal tea due to its antioxidants contents and other medicinal properties. As it is containing less caffeine compared to other type of tea, yin zen pearl tea is good for those who are suffering from insomnia.

  1. Ylang Ylang

The main health benefits of ylang-ylang are good for heart health, optimize the function of nerve health, natural energy booster and also good to lower the high blood pressure.

  1. Yohimbe

Yohimbe is native to Africa and has been used as part of traditional medicine to help treating erectile dysfunction. Moreover, yohimbe is also containing dophamine which is good to treat depression and anxiety.

  1. Yoni Oil

Yono oil is made from the combination of tea tree oil, coconut oil, virgin olive oil and neem oil. The combination of those herbal oils are proven to be effective in improving female reproductive from preventing bacterial infection up to strengthening vaginal muscle.

  1. Young Barley Leaves

As rich of some essential nutrients, young barley leaves are good to prevent inflammation, promote healthy bones, prevent anemia and also able to prevent some neurological conditions.

  1. Youthberry Tea

Youthberry tea is also well known as white tea. This type of herbal tea is good to boost immunity system and promote skin health. As rich of antioxidants, youthberry tea is also good to fight cancer and inhibit the growth of tumor.

  1. Yucca Flower

For those who have no idea about the health benefits of yucca flower may be surprised to find out both the flower and the root are edible. Yucca plant is good for digestion and also able to treat ulcers and improve skin health.

  1. Yuzu Fruit

Yuzu fruit comes from citrus family. It means, this fruit is rich of vitamin C and antioxidants. Traditionally yuzu fruit is consumed to maintain skin health because it could slow down the aging process, cure acnes and could act as sun block or skin protector.

Some people may be confusing when it comes to herbal plant. They only think that herbal plant is anything used as traditional medication. When the fact is all things you grow on earth has potential as herbal plant because they may contain amazing medicinal properties you could use to treat some diseases. The list of herbs beginning with Y and health benefits mentioned above is just some common examples.