13 Benefits of Organic Morrocan Argan Oil for Health

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Argan is a flowering plan that mostly grow in Morocco. Therefore, people also call it morocco argan. The argan oil extraction is come from the kernels of the fruit pulp. Most of the people use the oil for the dishes. But now, many people start to familiar with many other benefits of organic morrocan argan oil.

Argan tree have scientific name of Argania spinosa. The tree can live up to 200 years. The leaves and the flowers are small. While the fruit is thick and bitter. There are few steps to grow this tree. First, plan the seed until result some leaves. Second, put the resulted leaves and root in a free-draining soil. Make sure the place is rich in sun. Third, give enough water when the soil is dry. If not, the tree wouldn’t result any fruits. Therefore, always check for the soil condition.

There is no further explanation on the nutrition facts of argan oil. Except that most of argan oil is made purely 100% from the seed of the argan fruit. In general, argan oil contain vitamin A and vitamin E. It is also rich in fatty acids. Many people knows that there are health benefits of vitamin E and benefits vitamin A during pregnancy.

Below are 10 benefits of organic morrocan argan oil:

1. Anti-Oxidant

Argan oil is a good anti-oxidant. The same way as health benefits eating jaggery. It fights the negative effect of free radical. This is due to the content of vitamin E that bring a benefit of anti-oxidant. It helps the body detoxification from the pollutant.

2. Anti-Aging

Since the oil is a good anti-oxidant, therefore, it is a good anti-aging too. It works for people that experienced reduction in eye circles. It helps to avoid the visibility of wrinkles.

3. Maintain Healthy Skin

The oil can help with skin disease such as eczema and acne. It can also give skin a youthful glow and smooth appearance. Therefore, the oil is suit to maintain a healthy skin. Furthermore, it reduces the appearance of the dark spot due to the UV light.

4. Maintain Healthy Hair

Another famous benefits of organic morrocan argan oil is to maintain a healthy hair. It promotes the hair strength and hair growth. The oleic and linoleic content inside the oil help to stimulate hair follicles. Therefore, the hair can growth thicker and shiny.

5. Anti-Cancer

Argan oil also a good anti-cancer. It eliminates the cancer cells by breaking down the nutrient supply of the cancer cell. It stimulates the growth of good cells. Therefore, it helps to reduce the possibility of cancer disease.

6. Anti-Inflammatory

It is a good anti-inflammatory that help to reduce swollen. It helps to soothe the sore throat and any kind of inflammation. The anti-bacteria also help to fight the disease.

7. Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Argan oil contain lipid profile that can reduce the LDL content and increase the HDL level. Therefore, it is good to manage cholesterol level and maintain the cardiovascular health. Furthermore, argan oil can help to avoid the formation of plaques in artery.

8. Maintain Strong Nail

The oil can help to maintain a strong nail. It can avoid a brittle and weak nail by moisturized the nail cuticle. It increases the strength and elasticity of the nail. Furthermore, it is also a good treatment for a healthy nail. Since it can produce a shinny and beautiful look of the nail.

9. Prevent Diabetes

Some study found that the oil can reduce the blood glucose content. Therefore, it is suitable for prevent diabetes. The same as benefits of bitter gourd for diabetes. It can improve the insulin response on a high fat. Furthermore, it decrease the insulin level so that the blood sugar level can be manage accordingly.

10. Wound Healing

The last benefits of organic morrocan argan oil is to helps in fasten a wound healing. When it is applied directly, it stimulates a quick recovery and generate a new cell. Therefore, it is good to use the oil to cure any wound in the skin from injury. The anti-bacteria also help the wound from risk of infection.

11. Reduce the Risk of Stroke

This can bring benefit in reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. Moreover, it can control a high blood pressure.

12. For Skin Treatments 

Therefore, it brings a younger look and avoid early aging signs. Furthermore, it brings a good effect as an effective moisturizer and restore the skin elasticity.

13. Boost Immune System 

Furthermore, it increases the immune system of the body. Therefore, it help to avoid disease and maintain healthy.

Recommended Intake of Organic Morrogan Argan Oil

To gain the benefits of organic morrocan argan oil can through below ways:

  1. Apply directly to the effected parts of the body. Put one or two drops of the oil in the injured area. It can directly work to cure the wound.
  2. Dilute the oil with some water. Put some drops of argan oil and mix with water. Consume it every morning. For more flavour add some honey. Since the health benefits of honey for skin has been proven.
  3. Take one table spoon of the argan oil and consume it directly. But this might taste too bitter. But the most effective way.

Side Effects of Organic Morrogan Argan Oil

There is not much information about the argan oil side effects. However, there are some as below:

  1. It may be a potential irritant in some people with allergic history. Therefore, beware of rash and itchiness caused from consuming the oil.
  2. In some cases the allergic symptoms might also lead to swollen parts of the body and inflammation.
  3. In severe cases it cause bronchospasm. It is a condition that the muscle is suddenly experience constriction.
  4. It is also cause an anaphylaxis. It is a serious allergic reaction that might leads to death.