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Do you know a species of flowering plant called as Russian Thistle? This one belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and known by various names such as Kali tragus, wind witch, or common saltwort. It has been a historic icon is actually an invasive weed. Contaminated flax seed, brought by Russian immigrants to South Dakota in 1873. As a result, it becomes one of the most common weeds in the drier regions of the West. Then, it spread by contaminated seed, threshing crews, railroad cars, and by windblown tumbleweeds. The characteristics of this week include the red or purple striped stems. Moreover, it can grow grows 6 to 36 inches tall and reproduces from seed. In addition, this plant can be used to relieve ant, bee and wasp stings. Then, to give you more information, here we list the health benefits of Russian thistle below.

1. Treats Influenza

If you suffer from influenza, then you might end up drinking a cup of hot tea. Indeed, tea is a drink which can relieve the certain health problems including fever and influenza. However, in this case, Russian thistle is believed to have the ability in treating this disease. Thus, having this plant as your herbal treatment is something that should be taken into account. You can also check on Find Out The Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea Second Flush

2. Treats Smallpox

As the consequence, it is also known that Russian thistle has benefit to treat smallpox. The use of this herbal treatment has been used since many years ago. Hence, you can consult the doctor before using this plant to prevent any risks for sure.

3. Treats Wasp Stings

Russian thistle contains a source of nutrients and essential minerals. The nutritional content will help you to treat wasp stings. To use this kind of herbal treatment, then you need to talk to the doctor first. Then, with the doctor’s prescriptions, you can safely use it.

4. Source of Fiber

The next health benefit provided by Russian thistle is the presence of fiber in it. At this point, fiber in this plant holds the important role in promoting the body health. It is known as the essential nutrient to promote the digestive health. It prevents the digestion problems such as constipation and bloating. Besides, it takes part in promoting the healthy heart. Then, you can find the content of fiber nutrient in green leafy vegetables as well. With the great consumption of fiber foods, you will keep the digestion system healthy for sure. You can also check on Best Health Benefits of Black Quinoa

5. Source of Protein

One of the health benefits offered by Russian thistle is its ability to fulfill the protein the needs of the body. This will be good as protein is the one that can build more body energy. Not only for that, protein also has a role in renewing the broken cells and building the body tissues as well. Besides, protein foods like this plant can help to stabilize blood sugar levels. Therefore, consuming Russian thistle is such a positive way to reach the healthier life. Great, isn’t it? You can also check on Health Benefits of Indonesian Food that Rich in Carbs and Protein

6. Source of Phosphorus

Russian thistle also provides phosphorus in it. As the consequence, this mineral takes part in promoting the component of your cell membranes. Not only for that, it takes part to treat bone mineral tissue. Besides, phosphorus in Russian thistle also has a role in activating or inactivating enzymes resulting in the healthy enzyme function.

7. Source of Magnesium

Magnesium contained in Russian thistle is very beneficial to boost the energy. What is even greater from magnesium in this plant is the way it calms the nerves and helps with the digestion. Indeed, magnesium does a good job of promoting the body functions and regulating the blood flow. For the tips, you have to consume Russian thistle together with spinach to get the best health results then. You can also check on Symptoms and Health Risks of Magnesium Deficiency

8. Source of Calcium

Another health benefit provided by Russian thistle is the presence of the calcium source in it. It is known that mineral in Russian thistle can help to promote the bones density and structure. This will be good as it can prevent the risks of osteoporosis and other bone problems for sure. Thus, if you want to have the healthy bones, you should consume dairy products including milk and Russian thistle for getting the best health results.

9. Source of Copper

By containing copper, Russian thistle has a role to promote proper enzymatic reactions, eyes and hair health. It will also help you to increase the energy in the body. Besides, it is known that copper in Russian thistle takes part in regulating thyroid glands, reducing symptoms of arthritis and increasing blood formation as well. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Shiny Bush

10. Helps Losing Weight

In fact, Russian thistle contains the source of fiber. As a result, it will be beneficial for those who want to have a healthy diet. Then, one of the health benefits of Russian thistle for weight loss is to make you feel full longer. Indeed, it will help you to control the appetite. Consequently, by having this plant, then you will get the best health benefits you may have never expected before.

11. Boosts Immune System

The presence of great minerals in Russian thistle can help to strengthen the immune system. What is even greater is it has the ability to reduce the body inflammation. Moreover, it will help you to stimulate the production of antibodies and white blood cells as well. Then, with these great benefits of Russian thistle, it will reduce the risks of certain health problems such as a fever, headache, influenza, and weaknesses.
Consequently, here are the tips for consuming Russian thistle.

Tips for Consuming Russian Thistle

  • First, you should choose the most tender specimens. Then, cut and strip all the spines off, before peeling the outer, fibrous layer from the stalk.
  • To consume it, you can have it raw or make it into the pickle or ferment them. Also, having it as your salad is also a good idea.

As the summarizing, you can have Russian thistle to get the benefits of minerals. Moreover, it may help you to treat certain health problems like influenza. Then, it is recommended to consume healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and Russian thistle for sure.