Super Health Benefits of Dang Shen You Never Know

Dang shen belongs to the Campanulaceae family which has roots similar to ginseng, but actually, dang shen is not ginseng. Therefore, dang shen is also known as fake ginseng. Dang shen actually has almost the same ingredients and benefits as ginseng, although it’s not as strong as ginseng.

In Chinese medicine, classifying dang shen with genuine ginseng or ren shen. Therefore, the name has an element of shen. Whereas Dang itself is taken from the name of the place of origin of this herb found, namely the Shang Dang region.

Health benefits of Dang Shen has oval-shaped leaves and this plant can grow up to 1 meter. While the roots, which are part of the nutritious, yellowish-brown with a length can reach 25 cm. The taste of dang shen is predominantly sweet and salty. Like the health benefits of Siberian ginseng root, dang shen also has many benefits for our body’s health. Some of them are as follows:

Increase stamina

Many believe, especially traditional Chinese medicine, that dang shen can be an energy-enhancing isotonic drink. This is due to the compatibility of the dong shen content with the spleen and lungs. These two internal organs have an important role in the release of energy from food and air. Read more: ways to increase your stamina

Good for nursing mothers

Dong shen stew with warm temperatures very well taken by nursing mothers. The contents of the dang shen will stimulate ASI production. So that it will get abundant milk and rich in nutrients. Drink on an empty stomach to get the maximum effect.

Lose weight

How it works is to increase metabolism and improve digestive problems, so that it can help convert fat into muscle. Read this: the health benefits of dates for weight loss

Prevents anemia

Aside from being an enhancer of stamina, this dong shen type of ginseng contains colla corii asini compounds which are proven to increase levels of hemoglobin and platelets in the blood. Stable hemoglobin levels are very good for preventing anemia. Problems such as feeling tired, not excited, and dizzy which are symptoms of anemia, will disappear when you consume dong shen regularly. Read this: health benefits of blood orange

Good for the cardiovascular system

Health benefits of Dang shen concoction mixed with several other herbs, has been proven to help improve blood circulation. So that the problem of blockage in the circulatory system that can be dangerous for the heart can be resolved.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant

The content of dong shen has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This is what makes warm chicken soup containing a mixture of dong shen has been commonly used in ancient Chinese medicine, which is to treat fever, flu caused by viruses or bacteria. Anti-inflammatory properties can also prevent inflammation that generally occurs in the joints.

Good for the digestive system

The combination of dong shen with Chinese dates is very good for the health of the digestive system. This is because of the many nutrients such as vitamin C, phenolics, flavonoids, and polysaccharides. A good digestive system will affect the avoidance of diseases caused by a bad digestive system. Like inflammation of the intestine, dysentery, loss of appetite, and lack of nutrition.

The health benefits of Dang shen can also blend with food beverages. So it is suitable to be served together for example with chicken soup, porridge, or just boiled in chicken broth. Dong shen is an alternative choice for people who want the benefits of ginseng but have a lack of economy. This is because the price of dong shen is indeed cheaper than the price of ren shen.