Amazing Health Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet Metabolic and Molecular Mechanism

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The Mediterranean diet is a traditional diet that is run for a long time by residents in the Mediterranean region. This diet has been named the world’s best diet, beating 41 popular dietary patterns besides. This coronation was based on a series of assessments and analyzes from experts in US News and World Report. As a result, the Mediterranean diet is at the top of fitness and health. Read more: Health benefits celery weight loss

benefits of Mediterranean diet metabolic and molecular mechanisms is a type of diet that focuses on a plant-based diet. Such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. Sugar, flour, and meat are foods that should not be used or at least rarely used in this diet. For protein intake, it can be obtained from fish, eggs, and poultry.

The method is very simple to implement. You donot have to bother picking out what you can eat and what you shouldn’t, thisdiet is allowed to eat anything, but more portions are given to the types offoods that have the greatest health benefits.

Some medical analyzes reveal that consuming food beverages that are rich in processed foods has an enormous impact on the health of the body. Namely reducing the risk of developing various chronic diseases and increasing life expectancy. Some of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet that we have succeeded in summarizing are as follows:

Goodfor the cardiovascular system

The benefits of Mediterranean diet metabolic and molecular mechanism focuses on the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and grains. The diet is rich in fiber, antioxidants, protein such as health benefits of eating mahi-mahi, and healthy omega-3 fats. These substances are very good for your cardiovascular health, so you will avoid heart disease or high blood pressure. The system works is to reduce bad fat (LDL) and increase levels of good fat (HDL) in your blood.


As we know that a stroke occurs if there are our blood vessels in the brain burst. This rupture is usually caused by a pile of bad cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, causing blockages. The Mediterranean diet is very good for reducing levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, so that stroke can be prevented.


Most of the menus on the Mediterranean dietcontain low calories but can make you full longer. This is due to the highfiber found in fruits and vegetables. Thus will be able to help you lose weightand also keep it stable.


Things that must be considered in consuming food for diabetics is the glycemic index in these foods. Vegetable foods such as beans and various vegetables and fruits contain fiber and complex types of carbohydrates, so the glycemic index is very low. The low glycemic index is very good for diabetics. The level of sugar in the blood will be controlled. Read more: benefits of cloves diabetes

How do you apply these health benefits of Mediterranean diet metabolic and molecular mechanisms?

  1. Increase consumption ofvegetables and fruit

Vegetable and fruit intakeconsumed in this diet is between 5-8 servings per day. One serving of fruit andvegetables is equal to half a plate at every meal. In addition to vegetablesand fruit, it is also recommended to consume whole or processed grains. Forthose that have been processed, for example, cereal or whole wheat bread.

  • Reduce consumption ofunhealthy fatty foods

It would be useless if youapply the Mediterranean diet, but still, consume fatty foods such as friedfoods or fried foods using vegetable oil or margarine. For those of you whohave difficulty leaving fried food, you can replace the oil used for fryingwith olive oil. Of course also do not use it many times, a maximum of 2 times.