30 Science-Backed Benefits of Red Roselle Flower for Health

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Who does not know the red roselle flowers? The flowers with the Latin name Hibiscus sabdariffa L is believed to have originated from Africa and has now spread to various countries including Indonesia. The beautiful flower is widely used as the roselle, some are processing it into other foodstuffs such as pudding, salad, and syrup.

Physically, red roselle flowers have dark red petals that appear from the armpits of roselle leaves. Rosella has the meaning as a single flower due to only one flower in each stalk. Each roselle flower has at least 8 to 11 strands of feathers with a length of up to 1 cm.

Rosella is now widely consumed due to its popular benefits just like Health Benefits of Begonia Flower. Various studies have been conducted to observe the benefits that can be obtained from Rosella, among others:

Research from Faculty of Food Science and Technology IPB (2006)

Rosella plants have a high antioxidant content of up to 1.7 mmol / prolox which can be obtained from 3 dried rosella buds weighing 1.5 grams.

  • John McIntosh from New Zealand

Research done by diluting 3 grams of dried rosella into water as much as 300 ml and inserted into this spectrophotometer tube showed the result that rosella contain antocyanin (51%) and antioxidant (24%).

  • Yun-Ching Chang from Taiwan

Natural pigments of roselle plants can help inhibit cancer and even kill it.

  • Haji Tarkhani and Haji Faraji from Iran

Rosella has a hypotensive or antihypertensive nature.

Nutritional Content of Red Roselle Flower

Spread the news that rosella is very useful for health raises the question of any nutritional content contained in red rosella flowers. The nutrients contained in rosella flowers include calcium, carotene, thiamine, calcium, protein, protein, riboflavin, niacin, fat, iron, and water.

In addition, there is also the content of vitamin C, vitamin A, and dozens of types of amino acids that needed by the body just like Health Benefits of Tuberose Flower.

Benefits of Red Roselle Flowers

The red roselle flowers are very known to maintain body health and get rid of some diseases, here are the benefits of red roselle flowers:

  1. helps lower uric acid
  2. helps relieve joint inflammation
  3. helps boost the nervous system and helps improve memory
  4. helps stimulate appetite
  5. helps lower high blood pressure
  6. help speed up the breakdown of frozen blood
  7. helps lower heat inside
  8. as an anti-inflammatory
  9. helps relieve and eliminate chronic cough
  10. helps lower cholesterol  
  11. helping to destroy fat and slimming
  12. help reduce cigarette addiction and reduce the adverse effects of alcohol
  13. help reduce stress
  14. help lower sugar levels
  15. helps improve digestion
  16. help treat hemorrhoids
  17. help prevent cancer, tumors, cysts etc.
  18. as a neutralizer of toxins
  19. help treat chronic ulcer
  20. helping to lower high fever
  21. help overcome migraine
  22. helps to increase sex drive and to last longer (with routine therapy)
  23. helps to shape fetal brain intelligence in the womb
  24. Helps boost the immune system
  25. Helps prevent premature aging
  26. As a high antioxidant
  27. Helps protect themselves from infections of germs, bacteria and viruses
  28. Helps prevent osteoporosis
  29. Helps to cure thrush
  30. Helps to relieve bowel movements

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How to Consume Red Roselle Flowers

Now there are a lot of producers to help us if we want to consume the red rosella flowers by make this red rosella flowers into a practical teabag. In addition, you can also brew yourself this red roselle in the following way.

  • Pour 3-5 dried red roselle flowers with boiling water
  • Let stand for about 5 minutes until the rosella flowers dissolve and the water turns red. if it has an ulcer, the composition of water should be more
  • After that, may add sugar to add flavor

Side Effects of Consuming Red Roselle Flowers

Though there are many benefits of red roselle flowers for health, there is a side effect of consuming the flowers, such as:

  • Stomachache, nausea, and even diarrhea. This effect might come to you as the flower is a herb and it is normal to have the stomachache, nausea, and diarrhea when you consume a herb. It is like the result of the detoxification in your body. The symptoms still categorized as normal if it is happen maximum for three days.
  • Heart palpitations. This can be happened for some people and can not be happened for other people.
  • Damage Kidney health. A study about the roselle said that consuming roselle flowers with not the right amount might be bad for health too. There are some types of roselle that might be bad for your health, those are Native Rosella and Hibiscus heterophyllus. Consuming roselle for a long period also proved to have a bad side effect to the body such as the hydrolic change in the kidney.
  • Emmenagogue. It is a substance that used to catalyze a menstrual cycle. The substance is contained in the roselle. That is why red roselle is not good for a pregnant woman because it can make miscarriage to the womb.
  • Indigestion. Different symptoms happened to everyperson. Some of them have a cold sweat and headache. You have to know this symptoms if you are going to consume the flowers.
  • Decrease Blood Pressure. The red roselle flowers might be good for someone who suffered from hypertension, but for some people who suffered from hypotension is not a good choice because the red flowers has an effect to decrease blood pressure.

Make sure you consume the red roselle flowers with the right intake and get to know the symptoms so you will be able to consider drink it in the right way. May this article be useful for you. Stay Healthy!