Fabulous Benefits of Fur Oil for Pubic Hair Treatment

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When it comes about hair, there are so much think we can talk from the treatment and the solutions for problems. In contrast, when we talk about public hair, there is no other thing than removing it and skin treatment after the removal.

But how about people who are not that into hair removal? Some people are kind of treasure their pubic hair. some other people just realized that grooming pubic hair is okay just after some celebrities talking over it these days.

Well, if you are also keen on grooming or at least treat your pubic hair well, you can take the benefits of fur oil. this is the recommended treatment oil you can use for your pubic hair. but what is fur oil? and what are the benefits of fur oil? we will talk about it, so stay on this page.

Fur Oil Value

Some of you might think that fur oil might be the oil product extracted from animal fur. But sorry to say, you are wrong. Fur is an American beauty brand for pubic hair. it might be the first product concentrates on pubic hair health and beauty founded by Emily and Laura Schubert, also Lilian Tung.

Fur has three products, they are Stubble Cream for facial hair, Ingrown Concentrate for ingrown problem, and Fur Oil for pubic hair treatment. Fur oil itself composed from the combination of some beneficial natural oil such as:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Clary sage seed oil

The benefits of fur oil are mainly contributed by the benefits of each natural oil such as Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil, Health Benefits of Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil Benefits for Health and Beauty. since it generated from natural oil, it is perfectly safe for any part of your hair, including your eyebrow, facial hair, and head hair.

Benefits of Fur Oil

Since fur oil generated from natural oil, it is perfectly safe for any part of your hair, including your eyebrow, facial hair, and head hair. here are some of the benefits of fur oil you can get.

  1. Reduce inflammation

Grooming pubic hair doesn’t mean that we never shave it and let it grows as long as possible. We sometimes need to shave it, in order to keep it clean and tidy. However, shaving may cause some problem on your skin such as pain and itching.

In this case, applying fur oil for your aftershave, may prevent you from getting into those problems. It will also promote better hair growth and better pores’ condition.

  1. Clear pores

One of the problems in grooming pubic hair is ingrown hair. it causes itchiness and sometimes it is a little bit painful just like acne. This problem is mainly caused by the blockage in the pores which inhibit the normal growth of hair. in this case, fur oil is expected to be able in clearing the pores, so that pubic hair can grow well as the way it is. This is also the case where tea tree oil has a big role to perform.

  1. Control oil production

The area where pubic hair is usually quite oily. However, if it is too oily, it might cause some problems. Therefore, the oil level around pubic hair area should be normal. To maintain the normal oil level around pubic hair, we can apply fur oil. it has quality to control oil production around pubic hair area. It will also instantly smoothen the skin around the pubic hair.

  1. Anti-irritation

As mentioned before, this product only contains natural oil. it means that it doesn’t contain any harmful material which may cause irritation. As we know, pubic area is a sensitive area in which you need extra care of it. Therefore, fur oil might be the best treatment for your pubic hair and skin around this, just like Benefits of Using Coconut Oil  which is also good anti-irritation oil.

  1. Anti-fungal

When we talk about anti-fungal property, it is a perfect choice to pick essential oil. most essential oils have powerful anti-fungal property, including the essential oils combined in a bottle of fur oil. therefore, applying fur oil for your pubic hair will not only treat your pubic hair very well, but also give extra protection for your skin around the pubic hair from fungal infection.

  1. Enriched with vitamins

Fur oil enriched with beneficial vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E. the vitamins are mainly contributed by the natural ingredients from the oil. the vitamins also provide fur oil with antioxidants which is beneficial to enhance the health of pubic hair and the surrounding skin.

  1. Keep hydration

All parts of our skin need to be well hydrated. It includes the part where our pubic hair growth. Just like what we are expected from applying oil on our pubic area, it will present hydration function. It hydrates our skin very well. Fur oil prevent our skin to lose its natural oil and hydrates when it is too dry. 

  1. Hypo allergenic

As mentioned before, this oil only contains natural oil. the brand’s website states that this product doesn’t contain any potentially irritating ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, silicones, artificial fragrance, and artificial color. Therefore, it is safe and won’t stimulate any allergic reaction.

Recommendation in Applying Fur Oil

Although fur oil is designated for pubic hair, it can also be applied on bare skin where pubic hair might grow. It will enhance the health of the pores. However, please take note that some people may be allergic to natural oil such tea tree. We know that some people are hypersensitive to tea tree of which it may cause some severe allergic reactions sch as swelling and itching. Therefore, make sure you test fur oil on  small part of your skin before you apply it on the larger part of your skin, scalp, or hair.

It is better that you use fur oil right after you showered. Apply it on your skin or hair when it is still damp. You can also give a light massage while applying the product to allow better circulation. Besides applying fur oil as the treatment, one of the important things in pubic hair treatment is how you keep it clean by using healthy natural ingredients such as Health Benefits of Black Seed Soap for Natural Skin Treatments.