Pomegranate Peel Benefits for Stomach Health – You Never Knew!

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In carrying out daily activities – a day of body health is required for all activities are running smoothly and maximally. The key to body health is in our habits in keeping the habit, especially the habit of consuming something. Habits in consuming fatty foods will lead to various diseases one of which is abdominal pain that makes the stomach feel uncomfortable in the activity.

One way to maintain health, especially stomach health is to take advantage of pomegranate skin. The skin of this fruit is believed to cure various diseases including abdominal pain. This article will discuss about pomegranate peel benefits for stomach health.

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Pomegranate is often found in the market with the packaging of juices or other food preparations, but most people do not think that the skin of this fruit can be used for health, especially abdominal health. Although the pomegranate skin is hard and coarse, but has efficacy in curing various diseases. Here are some pomegranate peel benefits for stomach health, as below.

  • Treating Dysentery

Dysentery is a state of the body or disease characterized by excessive bowel intensity accompanied by pus and mucus. This disease is often experienced by children of early age and usually depends on the time that is when the rainy season.

This dysentery can be treated by utilizing pomegranate skin. How to use pomegranate skin to treat dysentery is to boil the skin of pomegranate, purslane, leaf spoon, and sambiloto. The mixture with the amount of each 15 grams. The mixture is boiled in three cups of clean water until the remaining one glass. Repeat the activity regularly to drink every morning and afternoon.

  • Treating Chronic Diarrhea

One of the stomach ailments commonly experienced by everyone is diarrhea. This diarrhea can be consumed by either eating or drinking so that the stomach conditions do not correspond to the acidity or other biological conditions. This difference causes diarrhea to appear. This diarrhea can also be caused by bacteria or germs from the food or drink you consume.

Diarrhea that has been treated with various drugs both modern and herbal and still not healed then this has gone into the stage of chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea is difficult to cure with ordinary drugs but there is one way in treating chronic diarrhea that is by utilizing the pomegranate peel.

How to use pomegranate skin to cure chronic diarrhea that is by cutting pomegranate skin to be thin as much as 15 gram and then this piece is mixed with nutmeg 10 gram. The mixture is boiled in two cups of water until the remaining one glass and then filter the water when it is cold. Repeat this treatment every other day.

  • Treating Stomach Pain

Other body conditions that can be treated by using pomegranate skin that relieve or treat abdominal pain or known as medical term ulcer. The condition of this ulcer can be caused by bad habits that often delay the schedule of eating. Bad habits like this that will make a person’s stomach becomes more acidic, causing stomach acid up, causing the stomach to feel pain. 

There is one way in relieving stomach pain is by utilizing pomegranate skin. How to utilize pomegranate skin is by boiling 10-20 grams of dried pomegranate skin in boiling water 200 ml then let stand and wait in 30 minutes. After 30 minutes then immediately drink the boiled water. Repeat this treatment regularly until your stomach pain is completely healed.

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  • Treating Stomachache

Stomach pain is often experienced by everyone but who needs to know that the cause of stomach disease itself each person must be different. The main cause of abdominal pain is usually eating foods that have not been proven hygiene or hygiene. Circumstances like this that make these foods contain bacteria or germs that cause abdominal pain.

This stomach pain can be treated with various ways that there is a practical way to stay taking medication or with herbs. One of the recommended is with herbal ingredients because it is proven effective and no effects sampinngnya. This herbal ingredients from the utilization of pomegranate skin.

How to make pomegranate skin into herbal medicine for stomach ache that dry pomegranate skin that has been separated with the fruit and then boiled the skin of the dried pomegranate and add the powder of betel nut, each 15 grams. The mixture is boiled with three cups of clean water to boil for one hour. After boiling then cool, strain and drink all at once before breakfast. 

  • Reduce Stomach Inflammation

Inflammation of the stomach will make daily activities uncomfortable. Inflammation in the stomach is similar to the condition of ulcer disease. The factor is also due to the habit of always delaying the meal schedule. Inflammation of the untreated stomach quickly, precisely and correctly will lead to a potentially fatal blood out of the stomach that can not work optimally.

One way to treat the state of the stomach is to take the skin of pomegranates. The trick, boil the pomegranate skin and drink directly the filter water, or by another way is to make a mixture of pomegranate skin solution with honey, milk, and others to feel more comfortable, but keep in mind that the quantity of pomegranate skin filter water should be larger of honey or milk. .

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  • Stops Bleeding in The Stomach

As described above, the state of the stomach can experience bleeding if the stomach experiences a high acidity. Stomach acid increased resulting in stomach wall bleeding. Conditions like this can be seen for patients with ulcers who do not eat on time will have an impact on gastric bleeding. How to relieve or treat bleeding in the stomach is to take the skin of pomegranates.

How to use the skin of pomegranate is by first grinding pomegranates, then boiled until boiling water and strain when it boils. Allow a few minutes until the water filter gets warm. Drink immediately when the filter water is warm. Repeat it until bleeding in your stomach stops. The bleeding parameters in your stomach stops ie not feeling pain in the abdomen.

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Such is the brief and deep description of pomegranate peel benefits for stomach health. For those of you who now again feel the pain in the stomach or there is a disturbance in abdominal health then you should understand the above explanation and you try to follow the way of treatment. Good luck and good luck.