Health Benefits of Beards in Islam – Sunnah and Rules

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When it comes to beards, people often have mixed perceptions to it. Some are fascinated by it and thinks that beards are what makes men a man while others think that it doesn’t look professional or tidy. Whatever your views to beards are, beards do have its own cultural and health benefits. Anyway, what are the health benefits of beard in Islam?

Significance of Beard in Islam

Growing the beard and trimming the mustache are both obligatory according to the Islamic Sunnah. One hadith Sahih al-Bukhari, specifically book 72 and hadith 781 stated “Allah’s Apostle said “Cut the mustaches short and leave the beard (as it is),” as narrated by Abdullah bin Umar.

The criteria of beard in Islam has to start from the cheekbones in level with the ear channels and stretches all the way from the cheeks into the lower end of the chin. Hair on the neck is not considered as beard and may be removed altogether. So in short, beards are seen as mandatory according to a majority of Sunni Muslim scholars, however modern Islamic thinking began to accept the trimming of beards or even clean shaven face altogether.

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Health Benefits of Beards in Islam

Here’s the health benefits of beards in Islam:

  1. Beards Protect You from Cold Weather

A thousand years ago, cavemen grew beards to guard themselves from extreme cold. That tradition has since passed to people from ancient civilizations such as Ancient China, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The function of beard as a cold insulator hasn’t change since then. Many men from colder countries choose to maintain beards not only to protect themselves from cold, but also to prevent red or chapped skin. By doing that you will automatically save a lot of effort and money from skincare.

  1. Beards Emphasize Your Identity as a Man

Beards have also been used to emphasize a man’s identity, and indeed a guy will look manlier and mature with a beard if they possess babyface, weak jawline or smooth skin. That will increase the guy’s likelihood of being attractive to girls. Studies have proven men with beard to be more masculine than ever, dominant yet mature compared to clean shaven men.

  1. Beards Eliminate Inflammation Caused by Shaving

Regular benefits shaving hair cause constant scars and abrasions on the skin. In the long run, it may also lead to acne, infections, ingrown hairs, as well as folliculitis. Folliculitis is the inflammation of hair follicles on the skin. By maintaining beards, you don’t need to worry about all that, as long as the beards are well kept and in an utmost hygienic state.

  1. Beards are also Natural Sun Protectors

Facial hair also has the ability to protect the skin from the hazardous yet cancer-triggering ultraviolet (UV) rays. A study published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry said that beards shield your face against UV rays by 50-95%. Beards specifically protect the face from UVB rays which cause redness and sunburn, and eventually non-melanoma cancer. The longer the beard is, the better it can protect you from UVB rays. 

  1. Beards Make You Look Attractive to Women

Apart from being undoubtedly masculine, women also love men with beards because they highlight the eyes and fade any “immature” facial features such as weak jawline or chin. Aside from that, women are more confident to have a bearded man as their future husband because these guys are also perceived to be better in parenting. Women see the most attractive beard shapes to be short stubbles or moderately long ones.

  1. Beards Promote a Healthy Facial Skin

Beards not only protect your face from extreme weather, sunburn, potential skin cancer or acne, but also aging as well! That’s why, start to reduce shaving from now on. Not only it reduces acne, potential scars or irritations caused by it, but also bacterial infections as well irritated hair follicles that dry and age the skin.

If this happens, then wrinkles start to appear here and there. Beards help the skin to maintain its age by assigning sebaceous glands to naturally moisturize the skin.

  1. Beards also Have the Potential to Reduce Allergies and Asthma

Beards trap pollen grains and dust from entering your nose, in which inhaling it triggers asthma as well as other respiratory diseases to some. Facial hairs in general trap and filter pollutants and foreign materials in the air to ensure that you inhale the healthiest oxygen for the healthiest pair of lungs.

On the contrary, medical experts observe that dust particles can build up in the beards, which it may end up being inhaled through combing or washing it away. 

  1. Beards also Create a Distinctive Identity of Yourself

Beards often stand out compared to other facial features, but that is what creates a distinct identity of yourself. People will recognize you more if you have beards.

  1. Beards Actually Make Your Skin Younger

Beards promote a healthy young skin due to its protecting talents it offers, ranging from protection against skin blemishes, acne, skin discoloration, wrinkles, and so much more. Not only it protects you from the outside, beards protect your inside by filtering pollutants so that you’ll only inhale the cleanest air for the best health condition.

  1. Beards Prevent Possible Bacterial Infections and Allergens

Beards filters allergens and also other foreign particles from being inhaled in order to uphold the most prime health. In return, you are less prone to allergic reactions. The key to get this benefit of the beard is by maintaining beard hygiene as well as cleanliness. Don’t forget to wash your facial hair every day, use beard oil or beard balm as well as trim it when necessary.

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Those are the health benefits of beard that you might have not known before. Other than being aesthetically attractive, the information above proves that beards are also healthily attractive. So guys, are you ready to grow your beards yet?