10 Powerful Black Molasses Benefits for Hair Treatments

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Science has tried to prove the black molasses benefits for hair. This has been taken for the recent several years. Therefore, it is now start to find out, the this ingredients good to optimize a healthy hair. It is an awesome finding that again there is a natural way to treat the hair. So that the hair can look awesome and shiny along the day.

Black molasses come from the extracting process of natural sugar. Therefore, it is easily find in the sugar factory. Since the process is not easy and usually only result minimum number. This is why the production of black molasses is limited and it is something that not able to produce homemade.

As the product is usually a side extract of some sugar, many sugar factory start to packed this products. It also find that the black molasses not only useful for food. But it also benefit many other thing. Hence, this opportunity bring inspiration from the sugar company to distribute molasses and get advantage from the selling. Rather than only make it as waste and bring no advantage at all.

Nutrient Content Of Black Molasses

It is not clearly state how much the nutrient percentage inside the black molasses. In general, this product contain high number of sugar and also protein. It also contain anti oxidant and rich of water that will help to bring a healthy hair. For further black molasses benefits for hair, see below points.

1. Thicken Hair

The product is the exact way to help with thicken hair. Therefore, for those who experience thin hair can use this natural treatment daily. This is the same benefits of hibiscus leaves for hair treatments that will help to thicken hair after frequent use in longer period.

2. Anti Oxidant

The product also rich in anti oxidant. Therefore, it is good to manage a healthy hair surface and scalp condition. Furthermore, it will avoid the effect of pollutant and UV light into the hair condition. Hence, it leads to healthier hair.

3. Strong Hair Root

Using the molasses in a daily treatment will help to strong the hair root. It will make the scalp cuticula be more strong. Furthermore, it will avoid bigger scalp pore. This is the same burdock root benefits for hair that will help to produce some strong hair root condition too.

4. Moisture Scalp

The black molasses benefits for hair including to help moisturizing the scalp. This is because molasses actually has high water content. This make the scalp condition away from dryness and becomes more wet. Hence, it leads to a better scalp condition.

5. Avoid Dandruff

Using the molasses also good to avoid the possibility of experience dandruff. It will get any bacteria away from the hair skin surface. Therefore, it will manage a healthy hair condition. This is the same health benefits of tellicherry pepper that will lead to avoid dandruff too. 

6. Avoid Brittle Hair

This product also suitable to avoid any brittle hair. It will make the long hair condition keep strong and not easy to break. Furthermore, it will make the hair more elastic. Hence, it can help to avoid weakness in the hair system.

7. Optimize Growth

Wearing molasses also a good way to optimize the hair growth. This is because this product contain numerous important vitamins and minerals that supports the hair growth. This is the same benefits of papaya seeds for hair growth that can optimize the hair growth too.

8. Shiny Hair

Other advantage of molasses also will maintain the hair color and pigment. Therefore, it can lead to a better shiny hair. Furthermore, it manages to keep a healthy color of the hair. Hence, the hair will not experience dullness and always shine along the day.

9. Avoid Hair Loss

Molasses also a good way to avoid the possibility of loosing hair. Therefore, it is good for those who get bad hair loss mainly after birth. Furthermore, it will help to balance the hormone to increase the hair quality and lead to less hair loss. This is the same benefits of castor oil and peppermint oil for hair growth that can help to avoid hair loss too.

10. Healthy Scalp

Wearing this natural treatment also good to stimulate a healthy scalp condition. Therefore, it is good for those who experience problems with the scalp surface.

How To Use Black Molasses

If plan to use this natural product for the hair, it is important to understand how to use this produce exactly. Therefore, if still get confuse of the best way to use it, see below step by step tutorials.

  1. Clean the hair first to avoid any dirt and dust in the hair. It has to be quite clean to apply the molasses.
  2. Pour out some molasses in both hand.
  3. Apply the product into the hair. Massage gently until this product absorbed into the hair root.
  4. Let it stay up to one hour.
  5. Rinse the product from the hair using warm water for better scalp condition.
  6. Clean the hair with some shampoo.
  7. Dry the hair and the result will can see soon after doing the treatment.

Cautions And Recommendations Of Black Molasses

Even this ingredients claim can help for a healthy hair, it also has some light side effects. Therefore, it is better to check out below recommendation if plan to use this molasses for daily treatments.

  1. It might cause allergically symptoms. Therefore, if experience itchiness, redness skin and any other allergically signs, it is better to stop using molasses for your hair treatment.
  2. Avoid using the product if get nausea or dizziness.
  3. Make sure to wash the hand carefully after using the product since it might result itchiness. It also possible to leave stain. Therefore, always apply this product carefully.

Those all the black molasses benefits for hair, mainly for grow and thicker hair. Not only benefits, but also some possible side effects also mention too. Through a frequent use of this product, it will help the hair to be more healthy and strong. Hence, the result will make the hair look nice and awesome too.