14 Fantastic Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber at Night for Blood Circulation

How many of you have heard the health benefits of eating cucumber at night? Apparently, this not only a myth. Cucumber has known contain many ingredients that good for the health. Therefore, this kind of vegetable will help to bring benefit too when consuming at night. Mainly in Indonesia, where cucumber is a common vegetable […]

Best Health Benefits of Nigerian Brown Beans You Need to Know

Beans have been consumed as it has good taste and nutrients. In fact, there is a kind of beans that can be eaten. However, in this case, we will talk about Nigerian Brown Beans that are cultivated and consumed in most of Sub-saharan Africa. It is rich in carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber and minerals such […]

Find Out Wonderful Health Benefits of Nigerian Garden Egg Here!

As a matter of fact, eating vegetables is a healthy way. In this case, you can eat many kinds of vegetable to boost body health. For the example, you can eat lettuce, broccoli, or eggplant. Then, it is a Nigerian garden egg that has good nutrients for you. It is being consumed fresh alone or […]

The Potential Health Benefits of Pattypan Squash #Just Revealed

Pattypan squash is a variety of summer squash. It is small in size, with rounded shallow shape, and scalloped edges that shares the appearance of toy tops. The term “pattypan” comes from the phrase “pan for baking a patty.” It also has numerous nicknames, such as the peter pan squash, sunburst squash, granny squash, scallop […]

Health Benefits of Kale Chips – Tasty and Healthy Option for Snacking

Who doesn’t love chips, the salty and tasty snack for all kinds of situation and mood? People eat chips when hanging out with friends, people eat chips for celebration and even people eat chips when they have broken heart. However, the salty and tasty snacks like chips are rich of MSG and contain a lot […]

Check These 13 Benefits of Eating Only Salad for Dinner

A dinner is a term for evening meal. It is a meal eaten usually before bedtime. The foods served in dinner are various and usually in larger portion than lunch, breakfast, or tea. The dish selected (supper) usually is a part of main course such as sirloin steak, rice, roasten chicken, grilled fish, etc. They […]

Benefits of Kale Leaves for Cancer Treatment – The Nutritional Facts

Kale leaves are variations of cabbage which are grown for human consumption. It belongs to the Brassiccaceae family, similar to conventional cabbages as well as Brussels sprouts. The kale has either green or purple leaves. In the meantime, kale has earthy, hearty and crispy taste. Younger leaves as well as leaves that grow in summer […]

10 Health Benefits of Eating Jerusalam Arthicokes, Probably Never Heard!

It is might be rare to hear the health benefits of eating Jerusalem artichoke. Since this plant can not grow in many countries. This plant only available in North America and Canada. The other names are sunroot, earth apple, or sunchoke. It can grows up to 3 meter long and have hairy texture leaves with […]

Find Out about the Benefits of Gerger Leaves!

Consuming vegetables and fruits regularly is one of the healthy lifestyle recommended. Those who are consuming more fruits and vegetables are considered healthier compared to those who aren’t. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are not creative enough when it comes to the choice of vegetables. What do you know about the benefits […]

Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek Leaves during Pregnancy

During pregnancy mothers should be extra careful when consuming or drinking something. It is because the compound contained in those foods and drinks are not only able to affect the mother but also the fetus developing inside the womb. There are some discussions about benefits of fenugreek leaves during pregnancy, some said it is okay […]