Unexpected Health Benefits of Wild Lettuce

There are many types of health benefits of lettuce, one of which is wild lettuce. Health benefits of wild lettuce is not like lettuce in general that we often encounter as daily cooking ingredients. This type of vegetable has the function or benefits as a drug. In ancient times, wild lettuce was known as a medicinal plant that can treat various health problems, one of which is to relieve pain.

Also known as Lactuca virosa. This plant thrives in various regions of the world such as North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Wild lettuce can grow to a height of 1.8 meters and often grows in locations such as roadsides and river banks. Read more: Health benefits of romaine lettuce

Wild lettuce in the category of medicinal plants and is commonly known by experts in traditional medicine. From the stem, if scratched will remove a white substance such as milk called lactucarium. This compound when dried has properties like opium which can relieve pain. The effect is the same as for opium but the negative effects are far less. For those of you who are interested in traditional alternative medicine, then here we review some of the benefits of wild lettuce.

  • As a pain reliever

Wild lettuce as we know it has long been known as a medicinal plant that can relieve pain. The content of substances contained in the stem has the same benefits as painkillers. The method is very simple, if you find this plant, then scratch the stem and take the white liquid that comes out. You dry the liquid, then apply it to the wound area that causes pain. Try this: Benefits of eating lettuce before bed

  • Overcoming breathing problems and poor sleep

At present, there are many drugs in the form of pills or tablets which contain wild lettuce extracts. Both of the leaves, flowers, and stems. With certain concoctions, the contents of substances in it are believed to be able to overcome breathing problems that usually disturb during sleep.

  • Overcoming joint pain

In combination with other natural ingredients, lactucin and lactucopicrin work well on the central nervous system to produce pain-relief effects on the joints. A study tested on a group of mice, that the combination of the two compounds above at doses of 7 and 13.5 mg per pound, has the effect of relieving pain equivalent to about 30 mg of ibuprofen. Read more: Red lettuce health benefits

  • Prevents infection in open wounds

The compounds found in health benefits of wild lettuce are also believed to have anti-bacterial properties. So if you experience open wounds that are not too large, wild lettuce can be the first aid to avoid infection in your wound

From the data about the benefits of wild lettuce above, it is indeed a tradition or belief that not many scientific studies can justify it. Some complaints that often arise and may be due to excessive consumption of doses are dizziness, sweating, anxiety, and nausea. This fact shows that if you want to get good benefits from wild lettuce, then consume health benefits of wild lettuce which is already in the form of vitamin supplement. Because the dose has been calculated properly.