Health Benefits of Vilvam Leaves – The Proven Wonder Herb

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As we know, there are many herbs that are taken from nature which we can consume to keep our body health. Even though there have been many types of research related to the improvement of medical health by the chemical treatment, there are still many people who consume the natural medicine more than the chemical ones.

Unfortunately, since most of the herbal treatments are done in a traditional way within a local culture and society of particular countries, many people in the cities do not know about many magical herbs that may help them improve their health.

For instance, the consumption of the Thai Sweet Basil and other Thailand herbs that was only well-known in Thailand as you can read on 9 Top Thailand Herbs and Spices and Its Health Benefits. As with Thailand, India as a country which has a rich culture and tradition has also been having a great secret of medicine that is, unfortunately, unpopular within the international people. This great secret is called the Vilvam leaves. As with other local plants such as the umbrella tree plant, you can have many great health benefits of Vilvam leaves once you consume it.

Nutrients of Vilvam fruit

The Vilvam or also called as Bael, Wood Apple or Bilva plant is well-known as one of the sacred plants in India, thus you can find them everywhere as long as you get in this beautiful country. The Indian people also have some philosophy about this plant. The plant that is also popular as the Aegle Marmelos is claimed as the medicine coming from Siddha and Ayurveda. As this plant is claimed that way, the Indian people make this plant valuable as the greatest medicine among others.

The health benefits of Vilvam are not limited to the leaves only, but also other parts including the fruit, stem and the root. The shape of the fruit itself is round thus sometimes it looks like a local Indonesian orange which is commonly green-colored.

In Asia itself, this Vilvam plant is commonly called the Maja fruit which has a bitter taste. In addition, it has its own philosophy which is related to the construction of Majapahit, one of Indonesian legendary. Indonesian people have also been knowing the health benefits of the Vilvam plant since many years ago. Therefore, in this country, using the Vilvam as a medicine is a common use. Read: Indonesian Herbs and the Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Vilvam Leaves

As we have mentioned before, we can get the health benefits of Vilvam plant from any parts of the plant starting from the fruit to the root. According to the research, each of the parts of Vilvam plant has an antibiotic substance which is good to be used in healing some kinds of illness even the serious one. Then, what are the health benefits of Vilvam plant that you can get?

Here are the brief explanations about the benefits you will get from this plant.

  1. Diabetes

If you have a problem with the blood sugar which leads to diabetes, you can consume this plant to get yourself healed. In this case, the part that can be used is the leaves. You can process the Vilvam leaves as a tea. The process is quite simple.

First of all, you should have around 7 Vilvam leaves to be boiled. After that, you can boil them with around 200 ml of water. Once you get the boiled leaves done, you can drink the tea regularly up to 3 times a day. Read:  Health Benefits of Guava Leaves for Diabetes Treatments

  1. Prickly Heat

Although this skin problem commonly happens to children, there is a big possibility for adults to get the impact of prickly heat. Therefore, whether you are an adult or your children maybe have prickly heat, you can just simply use the Vilvam leaves as the medicine. Unlike the previous tutorial about the medicine of Vilvam leaves for diabetes, the process for the prickly heat medicine is a bit more complicated.

The first thing you need to do is dry the Vilvam leaves. To have a maximum result, you need to combine it with the turmeric rhizome and the rice. Once you get all the ingredients set, you need to dry them all and make it sieved until it becomes like a loose powder. Finally, you can use it for the prickly heat of yours.

  1. Diarrhea

If the previous points are the health benefits of Vilvam leaves, now we are going to explain the health benefits of the Vilvam fruit that can heal diarrhea. Diarrhea is one of the most terrible diseases that almost all of the people ever experienced during their life.

Therefore, if you have diarrhea, make sure you have your best treatment and medicine with the Vilvam fruit. This plant can heal your diarrhea if you consume it by boiling the fruit into 110 ml of water and drink it once a day. Read: How to Prevent Diarrhea in Toddlers and Adults.

  1. Fever

The last thing that completes the list of the health benefits of Vilvam plant is the medicine for fever. If you have this disease on your body, you can make the medicine by yourself with the root of the Vilvam plant.

As with the previous tips, you can boil the root and drink it regularly once a day to get a maximum result and treatment of the Vilvam plant. Not only great with its ability to heal the fever, the Vilvam plant’s root can also be used to heal a high heartbeat which is also considered as a quite serious problem. Read: Health Benefits of Chinese Noodles

Cautions of Vilvam leaves

Although there are many health benefits of Vilvam leaves and other parts of its plant, there are also several cautions you need to consider. Firstly, the Vilvam plant is dangerous to be consumed by women during a pregnancy. Second of all, you cannot consume this plant without any consultation and permission from the doctors.

How could it be so? The Vilvam plant has an ability to decrease the blood sugar levels which is related to a particular disease. Therefore, make sure you have already had a consultation with your doctor before you consume this plant.