7 Health Benefits of Eating Cilembu Sweet Potato

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Sweet potato, is a kind of staple foods for some people that is as well as rice and very popular because of its sweet taste with much of health benefits or you can read the benefits in benefits of sweet potatoes.

One kind of sweet potato that has been liked by many people is cilembu sweet potato. Since it has sweet taste, the health benefits of that potato make it more popular to be consumed. The several benefits are related to the nutrients contained and here are the details:

  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A
  • Iron
  • Folate
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Carbohydrate

And the health benefits of eating cilembu sweet potato are:

  1. Prevents cancer

Cilembu sweet potato is kind of food that rich of beta-carotene as well as vitamin A. Those nutrients can reduce the risk of cancer such as lung cancer and oral cancer. A study has been proven by 124 thousand people from Harvard University that eating cilembu sweet potato regularly can prevent lung cancer about 32 percent.

  1. Controls blood sugar

High amounts of carbohydrates will trigger sugar levels in the blood to increase. Cilembu sweet potato can replace the need of rice that is source of carbohydrates, while it will reduce or controls your level of sugar. However, it is better not to put more sugar and make sure to eat it in moderation.

  1. Supports for a healthy heart

As source of vitamin B6, cilembu sweet potato will make chemical substances named homocysteine neutral because it can ​​lead to heart problems. In addition, potassium makes the blood pressure in a normal level where the increasing of blood pressure also can cause heart attack.

  1. Treats stress or mental health problems

One of health benefits of eating cilembu sweet potato is to treat some of mental health conditions such as stress. Cilembu sweet potato is better to be consumed with tea or other beverage in the afternoon and in a relax time. Those things help in reduce stress as well as other mental health conditions, while potassium in cilembu sweet potato also tend to reduce stress.

  1. Slow down the aging

Other health benefit of cilembu sweet potato is for the health of the skin, because it contains vitamin A. A compound named Retinol also has been believed to keep the skin healthy and you can find it in the potato.

Furthermore, it will remove free radicals due Beta caroten which is as well as to treat wrinkles and dark spots that come from the aging. Vitamin C in cilembu sweet potato also soften the skin because it increases the collagen of the body.

  1. Improves digestive system

Digestive system of the body needs to be taken care of and cilembu sweet potato has the benefit for it due to high of fiber. Fiber, is a compound that will improve digestive system because it absorb slowly in the body and consequently it also can lose weight. However, there is still no strong study that cilembu sweet potato is effective for weight loss.

  1. Prevents diabetes

Diabetes is related to blood sugar and since cilembu sweet potato can control blood sugar, it also will prevent diabetes. Moreover, that condition can be the reason of other dangerous diseases. You can also read diabetes in types of diabetes.

So, those are some of health benefits of cilembu sweet potato. For other benefits of potato you can also read in health benefits eating purple potatoes, health benefits of green potatoes and health benefits potatoes.