Health Benefits of Veggie Straw (Snacking with No Worries!)

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Do you love snacking as company when you have day off? Well, whether it is a potato chip, cookies, or kebabs, a free time without snack will never be as good with them. Usually, most people will choose potato chips over other snacks. Not only because its crispy texture, but also its delicious taste. Especially when the potato chips is in large serving. Unfortunately, this habit of snacking is considered to be rather unhealthy. A bag of potato chips may contain more fat than other snacks.

Fat may cause overweight (obesity) which can lead to many diseases. The alternatives, however, are available to substitute this snack. One of good examples is Veggie Straws. It is shaped quite similar to potato chips and also people sometimes called it “Veggie Chips”. So, what is the difference between potato chips and veggie straws? Well, both are produced for the same purpose, to be a snack.

But, veggie straws has described as “less fat, sugar and artificial sweetener (MSG)” chips than potato chips. The producer also said veggie straws is the closest of how natural and organic a snack can be. Alright, in this writing you will know the health benefits of veggie straws. Let’s check it out. (Also read : Health Benefits of Murungai Keerai Soup)

Nutrition Facts of Veggie Straws

According to trusted sources, veggie straws contains 0% Vitamin A, 0% Calcium, 2% Vitamin C, 2% Iron, 1 g Fiber, 3 to 7 g Fat depends on variant of the veggie straws, 130 or 120 calories, and some vegetable nutrients : Vitamin B, proteins, and carbohydrates.

This snack also has been reviewed by a food magazine. The review basically described Veggie Straw as “better-for-you” snack compared to regular potato chips. Furthermore, in 2011 it was honored as one of the best snacks with low calories. Also, we can base the value of this snacks on description written on the package label. It says this snack contains kosher oil, no preservative, zero trans fat, no cholesterol, non-GMO, and all natural ingredients. (See also : Health Benefits of Tom Kha Soup)

Well, that’s all about nutrition facts. Next, here are the health benefits of veggie straws :

1. It’s healthier than regular snacks

Compared to potato chips, veggie straws contains less trans fat (according to the description) and it’s been claimed to not contain cholesterol at all.

Furthermore, this snack has been honored by food and health magazines as better snack for your health. Also, unlike potato chips which is composed of artificial sweetener and chemical additives, veggie straws only made of natural ingredients (vegetables) and only a bit of flavor enhancer.

2. Its unique and pleasant taste can boost your mood

Another interesting health benefits of veggie straws. Snacking is an activity that may or may not done with purpose. People just did, possibly to eat away their stress or depression. Well, veggie straws may be your best pick of snacks.

Not only healthier, but also tasty and crispy you will forget all your problem and temporarily boost your mood. You can eat this snack while watching your favorite movies, playing video games, reading the latest books, or you can even share it with your friend. (Recommended : Health Benefits of Dansko Shoes)

3. It gives you energy throughout the day

Well, what is the first thing you eat when you’re hungry? It depends on the person. Sometimes people would choose bread, burger, or snacks. Well, try to grab a bag of veggie straws instead. In addition to satisfy your hunger, this snack will also gives you energy to keep going with your activity.

If you look at the nutrition facts, you will see that veggie straws contains 130 kj energy. That’s quite plenty for a snack, and probably enough to keep you full for the next hour or until your meal time comes. 

4. It is a good source of vegetable nutrients

As the name suggests, veggie straws is literally composed of natural veggies. So, you will get all nutrients you can get from vegetables such as Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Proteins, Minerals, dietary fiber, etc from just eating veggie straws, albeit you won’t get the same amount as when eat the actual vegetables. Seems like a fun way to keep you supplied with nutrients.

5. It helps control blood pressure

Veggie straws’ well-known asset is its cholestetol-free ingredients. It indicates the unlikeliness to have heart diseases from consumin this snack. As we already know, balanced cholesterol in the body means stabilized blood pressure. So, your cardiovascular health will be protected. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Red Wine vs Grape Juice)

6. It is a good source of fiber

Well, another bonus point of veggie straws. You will not only get to taste the vegetable flavor, but you will also get enough dietary fiber from this snack.

Fiber is an important part of human body metabolism. Without this substance, most chemical reactions and internal organ activities, such as digestion, secretion, etc will not function properly. This, in turn, will lead to potential diseases. So, you got to keep your body supplied with fiber.

7. It assists weight loss

Due to its lower calories and the presence of fiber, you can get the feeling of fullness for extended amount of time without adding pounds to your weight. This is a good news if you still can’t avoid to eat snacks but you are in a weight loss journey. Maybe it’s not a significant help, but you will lose some weight a bit easier. It’s better than nothing, right? 

8. It reduces the risk of having stroke

Again, no cholesterol properties of veggie straws come in handy here. Stroke has been linked to poor cardiovascular condition, such as abnormal blood pressure, high cholesterol in blood, etc. So, as to avoid this, you have to consume foods with little to no cholesterol. Veggie straws is a good example. It contains no cholesterol and it keeps you from stroke, like killing two birds with one stone. (See also : Health Benefits of Red Moscato Wine)

9. It contains small amount of Vitamin A which is still good

It has been said many times that veggie straws’ main ingredients are natural vegetables. Some vegetables are known to contains Vitamin A. Although it’s not written in the description, we can assume that veggie straws also contains small portion of Vitamin A, which is still good.

10. It is a good source of folate

A food that contains folate is good for pregnant women. This is not to say that pregnant women must routinely eat this snack during pregnancy. Frankly, there are better sources of folate than veggie straws. But, it is not bad to mention this benefit.

Cautions in Consuming Veggie Straws

It is very important to note, veggie straws, even though with emblem “veggie” in its name, still contain chemical additives. So, it is best not to consume it too much. Also, this is not an appropriate food for diabetic person and obese people.