Delicious Health Benefits of Tom Kha Soup – Healthy Thai Dish

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Probably most of you are still unfamiliar with one of the typical Thailand tom kha soup food. Each meal must contain health benefits in health, including tom kha soup. This tom kha soup contains coconut milk, galangal, lime leaves, lemongrass, Thai chili, coriander (or dill weed), straw mushrooms (or shiitake or other mushrooms), chicken, fish sauce, and lime juice.

There are additional chili fries.Although these foods contain coconut milk but by consuming tom kha soup will meperoleh health benefits. On this occasion, this article will discuss about the health benefits of tom kha soup. You must read health benefits of eating garlic soup.

Tom kha soup has a strong spice flavor, served hot, and contains pieces of vegetables. The spices used in this dish include laos, lemongrass and lime leaves. Other ingredients used consist of chili, mushroom, tomato, celery, garlic, lemon, sugar, fish sauce. In addition, tom kha soup is usually using shrimp or pork. Tom kha soup is not only delicious on the tongue but also has health benefits.

Here are some health benefits of tom kha soup, as below.

  • Reduce flu symptoms

Flu is an uncomfortable condition in daily activities. The disease is easy to catch but easy to cure. Every person must have experienced the flu let alone people who genetically have a high sensitivity as there is a change in temperature becomes cooler then the person has the flu.

Symptoms are often experienced by patients before the emergence of the flu that is the head pusiang, the body feels weak and tired, nausea, and cough. Symptoms of the flu is more disturbing to the patient but there are several ways in reducing the flu symptoms, one by taking tom kha soup. According to some research centers that have examined the efficacy of tom kha soup is proven that the soup is able to reduce flu symptoms.

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Tom kha soup consisting of various slices of cayenne pepper not only makes the dishes feel spicy but can work to improve the human immune system. In addition, the function of chili in tha kha soup is also able to relieve the nose so that indirectly able to reduce the flu and defend themselves from virus attacks, bacteria and germs that cause disease from the immune system is high.

  • Relieve respiration

One of the benefits in the routine of consuming tom kha soup is relief of the throat. Tom kha soup is ginger greeted which is able to relieve the respiratory throat and ease breathing. This is because tom kha soup contains lots of fiber. As you know that fiber has a function to warm the body especially in the throat and chest so it can relieve the respiratory system.

  • Lowering blood pressure

n every cuisine would require food in the form of garlic, including tom kha soup. One of the properties of garlic is able to lower blood pressure. Medically high blood pressure in a person is very dangerous for the person because it could impact the emergence of other diseases more dangerous like the emergence of a heart attack. Therefore, routinely taking tom kha soup will reduce the blood pressure of a person.  This is the same health benefits of rainbow trout that can help to support brain. 

  • Accelerate blood circulation

One of the virtues when people take tom kha soup is to accelerate blood circulation. If the circulation of the person’s blood smoothly it will be easy in transmitting oxygen and energy throughout the body so that the person will always be healthy and fit. Kha tom soup can accelerate blood circulation by removing toxins in the body and lower cholesterol.

Where cholesterol is toxic and cholesterol is what becomes a blockage in the bloodstream in the blood vessels. Garlic content in toma kha soup that is able to get rid of toxins and lower cholesterol. For those of you who have bad cholesterol (LDL / low density lipoprotein) then you should regularly consume tom kha soup will your bad cholesterol decreased so that no impact of the emergence of dangerous diseases.

  • Accelerate healing of damaged skin

The condition of a person affected by burns will undoubtedly damage the outer skin tissue. Although this tissue is easy to regenerate cells or replace the skin, it takes time to do so. This will ruin your appearance while socializing or meeting other people. It is this state that forces you to find a solution to the outermost tissue of your skin (epidermis) to regenerate cells quickly.

One solution is to regularly consume tom kha soup, because the soup contains turmeric. Turmeric is able to help speed up cell regeneration or repair of damaged skin. Therefore, if you are exposed to burns and want to speed up the process of repairing the skin tissue then you should regularly consume tom kha soup. 

  • Relieves stomach ache

A person’s bad habits will cause the person to suffer from a disease. One of the bad habits of a person such as consuming a food that is too spicy and too sour will make the person experience abdominal pain. Sounds of abdominal pain is trivial but if allowed to be the gate entrance of other diseases more dangerous. Everyone must have experienced abdominal pain but not all have the same duration of pain. This situation is due to awareness factor in maintaining their health by reducing their bad habits.

One way to relieve and accelerate the healing of abdominal pain is usually the majority of people routinely consume tom kha soup. This soup also tastes good to the health as well as facilitate digestion. In addition, the content of lemon grass in this soup helps you to relieve stomach pain. Therefore, for those of you who get used to lead to abdominal pain you should routinely consume soup tom kha, so you avoid stomach pain. We suggest you health benefits of bitter leaf soup in pregnancy.

Such is the complete and in-depth explanation of the health benefits of tom kha soup. If you want to maintain health then we recommend to regularly consume tom kha soup. This soup is powerful in treating all diseases and is able to keep the body healthy.