12 Health Benefits of Tomato Ketchup (No.5 Potent)

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Tomato ketchup might be just an additional sauce for your foods or a dressing for your pasta. As we know, tomato is not only delicious as a fresh fruit but also delicious as sauce and even when it has been processed as tomato ketchup, the taste is still tasty. As part of worldwide culinary ingredients, tomato ketchup could be found in any kitchen around the world. So, is it just another ingredient that everyone needs for a better taste of their cooking? Don’t you think there is more than that, since tomato ketchup has been used widely as part of many secret recipes since ancient time? Below are some beneficial values of tomato ketchup you could find from your daily diet that you should know and some are very surprising:

Good for Diet

  1. Low Calories

Tomato ketchup is a tasty addition for your foods. By knowing that is very low in calories, you don’t need to worry anymore about your daily diet program because you could use tomato ketchup as part of weight loss therapy. Compared to another food dressing like mayo, tomato ketchup is a healthy solution. So, why don’t you switch your mayo with tomato ketchup to save calories?

  1. Low Carbohydrate

You must love pasta. Everyone loves pasta. However, speaking of carbohydrate, if you are in weight loss diet program, pasta is probably your enemy but you love it. Well, instead of using cheese or mayo, you could reduce your consumption of carbohydrate by switching them with tomato ketchup.

  1. Low Fat

Well, low fat food is a must food you should put in your daily diet during weight loss program. Besides, tomato ketchup is not only low in fat which automatically make it a number one choice of diet food but tomato ketchup is also delicious. Tomato ketchup could add flavor to your salt-free grilled fish or spices-less steamed chicken breast for better appetite.

Good for Your Health

  1. High in Lycopene

Lycopene is substance of antioxidant which has prominent role as cell protector. So, it is a powerful substance to prevent the development of cancerous cells and reduce the damaging of effect of free radical. Besides that, lycopene has been proven to be beneficial to control cholesterol level.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Health benefits of tomato ketchup for reduce prostate cancer is amazing. As high in lycopene, prostate cancer is one of the diseases which the risk could be reduced just by consuming tomato ketchup daily.

  1. Could Help Improving Your Vision

Tomato is one of the high sources of vitamin A. As widely known, consuming foods which are high in vitamin A could help improving vision as well as a powerful preventive substance to fight the macular degeneration condition that could cause blindness.

  1. Male Fertility Solution

The fact that consuming tomato ketchup could enhance male fertility might surprise you. However, this statement came from a lot of comprehensive studies conducted by experts. It is due to the high lycopene found in tomato ketchup which could help increasing the amount of sperm as well as the quality.

  1. Prevent Breast Cancer

Still about lycopene, if this type of antioxidant could improve fertility and fight prostate cancer in men, in women lycopene is a powerful substance to fight and prevent breast cancer.

  1. Cut Cholesterol and Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

As low in fat and calories means tomato ketchup could help cutting cholesterol level and at the same time giving you more chance of having healthy heart. Lycopene found in tomato ketchup is the reason behind those amazing and beneficial values because lycopene is also preventing fat oxidation in block vessels.

  1. Strength Your Bones

Old age might be unavoidable as well as bone loss but slowing the process is not impossible. Lycopene is a powerful source to fight free radical that could keep your healthy bones strong and slower the degeneration of bone loss.

Good for Skin

  1. Rich of Antioxidant

Looking for a delicious way to fight free radical and as the bonus, you could get all the beauty you have been searching for. There is no magic in the air, what you need is just changing your daily diet. Tomato ketchup is the magic you have been looking for. It is rich in antioxidant for healthier and fairer skin.

  1. High of Vitamin C

If working along with lycopene, vitamin C will provide extra perks as having clearer, fairer and healthier skin. You could get all the benefits just by easily and deliciously consuming tomato ketchup or use fresh tomato as face mask.

Some of explanations above might surprise you, how could culinary ingredient as simple as tomato ketchup that you could find in your mother’s kitchen since you were a kid could be this powerful. Well, perhaps it is the time for you to start learning that even the simple thing you find in daily life has amazing beneficial values.