15 Health Benefits of Sourdough Bread (No. 8 is Best!)

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Do you love to eat bread? What kind of bread do you like? In this article, we will talk about sourdough bread which offers the benefits for the body health. It is actually made by the fermentation of dough using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast. It contains the higher level of bacteria Lactobacillus compared to other breads due to the process of fermentation. In this case, sourdough bread has high production of lactic acid and prevents the effects of the phytic acid. Indeed, it will be beneficial to promote the digestion. Therefore, if you are curious what sourdough bread brings to you, then check the health benefits of sourdough bread below.

1. Have Vitamins

The first health benefit of sourdough bread is providing the vitamins such as vitamins B1-B6, B12, folate, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin E, selenium, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium. Indeed, it is loaded with essential and excellent nutrients for sure. Thus, if you want to eat bread, choosing sourdough bread is a good way to go! You can also check on Health Benefits of Banana Bread

2. Have Probiotics

Since sourdough bread is processed through fermentation, then it has probiotics as well. It is similar to other fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, pickles, and kombucha, sourdough bread is fermented by using lactobacillus cultures. As a result, it becomes more digestible and provides the benefits to the healthy gut. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Probiotics

3. High in Protein

Next, sourdough has higher protein compared to other bread. As a result, protein which is an essential nutrient helps regenerating body cells. Moreover, it promotes the building of muscle. Thus, if you want to fulfill the protein needs, then sourdough bread will be there for you. Also, it is recommended to consume meat, egg, and whole grains to have the best benefits of protein.

4. Have Fiber

Sourdough bread also contain fiber. This will bring benefits to the body such as improving digestion and promote the gut health. Indeed, it is suggested to consume fiber foods to make sure you prevent digestive problems like constipation and bloating. Therefore, consuming sourdough bread together with fruits and vegetables is such a very great way. You can also check on Health Benefits of Fiber

5. Have Less Sugar

The greater things come from sourdough bread which is providing you the less sugar. Then, you don’t need any worry to consume sourdough bread as it is lower in sugar.

6. Protects Digestive Health

The presence of probiotics in sourdough bread help to protect the digestive health. In this case, it increases the digestibility of foods and promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Not only for that, it also good for more tolerable for people with gluten sensitives.

7. Promotes Nutrients

The fermentation of lactic acid in sourdough bread will help to promote nutrients available for the body. As a matter of fact, the lactic acid creates an ideal pH for phytase activity, which decreases phytates by 62% compared to 38% in yeast breads. This is such the good benefit as you can achieve the best health benefits of nutrients for sure.

8. Treats Diabetes

It is shown that sourdough may be beneficial for diabetes. It is due to its ability for lowering insulin response. Moreover, it takes part in providing the better effect on blood sugar and insulin levels compared to other types of bread. It is also based on research shown that sourdough fermentation may modify the structure of carb molecules which lowers the bread’s glycemic index (GI). As a result, it will help those who suffer from diabetes. Thus, are you interested to consume sourdough bread? You can also check on Health Benefits of Almonds for Diabetes

9. Source of Potassium

The next health benefit of sourdough bread is to provide the source of potassium. Indeed, potassium is an essential mineral which has a role in improving the digestion and manage the muscle health. Consuming potassium foods will boost the body health and promote cardiovascular health as well. Thus, it is recommended to consume foods which have the high potassium such as lettuce. Then, you can fulfill the nutrients by having sourdough bread. Then, you can achieve the best benefits of potassium for sure. You can also check on Benefits of Potassium For Health

10. Source of Iron

One of the great health benefits of sourdough bread is to provide iron source. Iron is an essential mineral which contributes to transport the red blood cells through the body. Indeed, it has an ability to prevent anemia. Thus, consuming foods that contain iron like sourdough bread and meat is very recommended.

11. Balances Body Fluids

It turns out that sourdough bread is able to balance the body fluids it is related with the presence of sodium. By having sodium, it will promote the work of body fluids. Hence, as you know that sourdough bread has the great benefits to the body, then you will have no doubt to consume it.

Also, there are other benefits of sourdough bread which are:

12. Boosts Energy

13. Provides Antioxidants

14. Prevents Constipation

15. Prevents Gut’s Infections

Also, check the sourdough recipes below.

How to Make Sourdough Bread

  • You need to prepare the three simple ingredients of sourdough bread which are water, flour, and salt.
  • Make a sourdough starter and let it grow for a few days. Do not rush this process as the quality will depend on this process.
  • Then, mix the starter with flour and water and let it rest for a few hours.
  • After that, add salt and fold the dough a few times and let it for 10-30 minutes. Repeat this step a few times until the dough becomes smooth and stretchy.
  • You can let the dough rise at room temperature until it grows to about 1.5 times its original volume.
  • Then, shape the bread loaf and bake it. Let it cool for 2-3 hours and you can enjoy your sourdough bread.

As the conclusion, sourdough bread is the option for those who want to have a healthier bread. This one will provide more nutrients to the body and offer best health benefits as well. For the example, it has probiotics and helps to promote digestive health. Great, isn’t? Hence, what are you waiting for? Get a slice of sourdough bread and enjoy the healthy taste of it!