5 Potential Health Benefits of Oatmeal for Toddlers

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Toddler is the golden age of a child in a growing and developing state. Children should be supported by the consumption of nutritious food so that it can pass the growth period really well. 

In this case mothers sure do play an important role to pay attention to their child’s daily intake. 

In addition to vitamins and minerals, there is one other intake needed by the child’s body, namely the fulfillment of fiber. Fiber has many benefits, such as being a source of protein, carbohydrates, and antioxidants, and can be found in many healthy dishes, including the health benefits of coleslaw salad.

Consuming enough fiber can facilitate the digestion of children in order to avoid constipation. One type of fiber that mothers can choose is oatmeal. 

Oatmeal is a whole grain-rich in nutrients and fiber. Moms can use oatmeal as a processed breakfast served with honey or fruits. Other than health benefits of oats for babies, toddlers can also feel the benefits that are useful and beneficial for their lives, such as:

Health Benefits of Oatmeal for Toddlers

  • Improves Brain Function

Consuming oats regularly can improve brain function in infants and children. It is said that a study conducted at one of the international universities, stated that consuming oats is able to improve brain function by 20 percent when working on tasks that require focus and memory. 

It is a thought that this is due to the ability or advantages of oats themselves that are able to be a source of energy for the brain longer than other sources of energy from other foods. Not only effective for energy, consuming oats can make your kids feel full longer.

It is expected that by consuming the oats in a routine, it can make the baby grow into an intelligent and critical child in thinking. In addition, it is expected that as one of the sources of good nutrition, the development of the baby’s brain can quickly be increased. 

Because, brain development factors are strongly influenced by adequate nutrient intake factors. In consuming oats themselves, moms can add some toppings if made into porridge for babies. 

Choose a topic that also contains essential nutrients, like the health benefits of dried strawberry.

  • Effectively Improves The Immune System

The benefits of consuming oats that are also important for the toddler’s growth period is to maintain and improve the immune system. 

This has been explained by researchers from Italy who previously stated that in oats, there is a beta glucan content that is able or serves to increase the immune system to protect them from attacks of microorganism infections. It was published or published in a health article in 2009. 

  • Good for Bones and Teeth

Other than the good taste of the oats, you can also find various minerals and vitamins within a bowl of oatmeal, including the infamous Calcium.

Calcium itself is a very important mineral for bone growth in toddlers. Calcium consumption is definitely important in toddlers’s golden age, since it’s the most vital age of bones, teeth, and brain development.

Similar to in bones, the benefits of minerals such as calcium from oat content are very good also in helping the process of teeth growth in toddlers.

Though, of course, moms shouldn’t miss the milk intake for their kids, especially when they start to introduce the healthier types of milk. Surely, anyone won’t miss the health benefits of almond milk.

  • Protects The Heart and Blood Vessels

Toddler is a time when the age of the organs also has not achieved maximum function. Of course maintaining the function of the organ since infancy is certainly very good in maintaining the health of the body. 

Examples of organs that are important to the body is the heart. It is said that by consuming oatmeal, then we can effectively maintain the heart’s health. 

In addition, there is a content of oatmeal that turns out to be very good for heart health, called avenanthramides.

Avenanthramides substance itself is also useful in protecting blood vessels, in addition to protecting the health of the toddler’s heart.

  • Prevents Anemia

Although cases of anemia in toddlers are rare, it’s still possible to happen. Remembering how active toddlers are, anemia can be a huge problem if not treated properly. Your kids can feel sick and unmotivated.

You can treat it with a simple dish of an oatmeal. The excess of consuming oats alone can prevent the occurrence of anemia in them.

This is because oats contain iron and folic acid. It is very good in maintaining the number of red blood cells in the body, thus avoiding the occurrence of anemia. However, you can also use an alternative by having the benefits of eggplant for anemia.

Caution and Recommendation

Before buying oatmeal for your little one, it’s a good idea to choose the type of oatmeal carefully. Please check the composition contained in advance on the packaging. 

Good oatmeal usually contains grains as the main ingredient because a child can at least get an intake of 8-15 grams of fiber per day.  

There are several types of oatmeal that moms can choose, namely rolled oats, rolled oats, steel-cut oatmeal, or instant oatmeal.

When the child has been able to receive oatmeal as his /her food, a mom needs to work hard in order for the oatmeal to continue to attract their attention. 

So, do not forget to recommend the presentation of oatmeal in a variety of ways. This is useful so that the little one does not feel bored. Add some creativity to make the oatmeal look fun and enjoyable to eat.

If adding your child’s favorite fruits doesn’t have much effect, try experimenting with different consistencies. Find a child’s fondness for less mushy oatmeal or mushy oatmeal.