5 Delightful Health Benefits of Oats for Babies

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Both wheats and oats are both classified into cereal plants. However, they are not completely the same. Both have different benefits for the body, like the health benefits of oats in smoothie, that are surely hard to miss.

Oats are cereals that are a source of carbohydrates and still have a layer of skins and seeds. Thus, oats are better whole cereal seeds than rice. Oats are good for health because they have a higher content of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals and are rich in nutrients.

Meanwhile, wheat itself is a grassy plant and is a raw material used to make bread flour, cakes, and pastries. Wheat contains insoluble fiber that serves to smooth bowel movements. Wheat can bind strongly to bile acids and wrap them as feces, so that bowel movements are smoother.

Research shows that oats that still contain endosperm, bran and germs, have a certain type of fiber called beta-glucan. This type of fiber is proven to be very effective at lowering cholesterol.

Oats contain seven vitamins, including vitamin E and a number of nutrients, including iron and calcium. In addition, oats also have twice as much protein as whole grains or whole corn.

As a source of complex carbohydrates rich in fiber, oats can provide longer satiety, thus helping to control weight. In one day you need as much as 25 grams of fiber. One bowl of oatmeal is equivalent to the fiber content of 2.5 bowls of papaya.

Whole grains themselves provide a variety of health benefits, like health benefits of millet. Whole grain foods have been shown to help lose weight, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and help prevent gallstones. Whole grains are found in many products, including cereals, breads, pastas, crackers, muffins and cakes.

A scientific study conducted by Colorado State University in 2002 stated that both oats and wheat, both of which are proven to have a huge impact on a person’s overall nutrition and diet.

Analysis of the study stated that the oat diet is able to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol by 2.5 percent, while the wheat diet encourages a reduction in bad cholesterol levels by up to 8 percent.

However, oats are not only great for dieting. As a superfood, it’s also safe to be consumed by babies. In fact, there are other benefits that can be useful for babies’ health, including :

Health Benefits of Oats for Babies

1. Improves Brain Function

Similar to the benefits of neuromorphic chips, consuming oats regularly turns out to improve brain function in infants and children. It is said that a study conducted at one of the universities abroad, stated that consuming oats is able to improve brain function by 20 percent when doing tasks that require focus and memory. 

It is thought that this is likely due to the ability or advantages of the oats themselves which are able to be a source of energy for the brain for longer than other sources of energy from food. 

It is expected that by consuming oat routine, it is able to make the baby grow into a child who is intelligent and critical in thinking. In addition, it is expected that as one of the good sources of nutrition, the development of the baby’s brain can quickly increase so that it is able to grow into a child who can compete in the academic field. 

Because, the developmental factors of the brain are strongly influenced by the intake of adequate nutrients. In consuming oats, it can be added some topping if made into porridge for babies. Choose toppings that also contain essential nutrients.

2. Improves the Immune System

The benefits of consuming oats that are also important for the growing period of the baby are maintaining and improving the immune system in the baby. This has been explained by researchers from Italy who say that in oats there is a beta glucan content that is able or serves to increase the immune system of babies from attacks of microorganism infections. It was published in a health article in 2009.

By maintaining the baby’s immune system, the baby can avoid various disease-causing infections. Infection-causing microorganisms themselves can be viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. 

This is certainly worth noting considering the immune system in babies has not developed as perfectly as the immune system of adults. Therefore, it is expected that the administration of oats themselves on a regular basis, it’s still able to prevent babies from experiencing infectious diseases that are easy and often hit the baby in general. You can also add several toppings on the oatmeal, like the health benefits of yoghurt.

3. Helps Bone Growth

In oats, there is a high content of various minerals. An example of one of its mineral content is calcium content. Calcium itself is a mineral that is very important for bone growth in babies, where in babies themselves is the fastest and best period of bone growth. This also applies to the supply of nutrients in the healing process in infants when they have recently suffered a broken bone.

4. Helps Teeth Growth

In babies, it is also the early period of dental growth. Similar to in bones, mineral benefits such as calcium from oat content are excellent also in helping the process of teeth growth in babies. 

They generally grow slowly in sequence from the front teeth and slowly to the back. The peak of teeth growth is generally in adolescence, where at that time, it will grow molar 3 teeth that are molars with the last order.

5. Sources of Antioxidants

As an alternative for health benefits of gac juice, you can try to give your baby an oatmeal for achieving the antioxidants needed. Oatmeal is a food that can be given as an additional food source for babies, since oats have various antioxidant content. Its own anti-oxidants are very beneficial in warding off various sources of free radicals that can attack. 

Free radicals themselves can result and interfere with some functions of the body system, making it easy to cause disease. By warding off free radicals, the body will tend to be more resistant to the incidence of diseases that are commonly obtained by degenerative.