6 Astonishing Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies for Breakfast

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Surely you already know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables every day, right? But looking at reality, do you really consume them both? 

It is no secret that the human body needs fiber and vitamins produced from vegetables and fruits, like the health benefits of starfruit. However, both healthy foods are often eliminated from the daily intake list. The reasons are quite diverse, ranging from not liking the taste or maybe there is no time to do it.

There are actually many ways to outsmart the problems, so from now on, you wouldn’t forget about the intake of vegetables and fruits from the daily food list. One of them is to make smoothie juices at home. 

In addition to the many benefits of smoothie juices that are important to the body, like health benefits of blackberry smoothies for example, the process is just very quick and easy. 

Plus, you can create flavors to suit your individual tastes. If you look at the trend of drinking cold pressed juice in early 2016, the benefits are not the same as smoothie juice because in it there is no remaining fiber or fiber.

But, is there an actual difference between juices and smoothies?

Juices and Smoothies

Juice is made by the juicing process, and in this process, fruit and vegetable or a combination of both will be left with (extraction) water and also nutrients. Meanwhile, the remaining pulp and fiber left in the juicer or blender will be simply discarded.

In fact, the use of a blender to make juice drinks is something misguided. In fact, the process is very different. Where the juice is actually made using a juicer, in order to separate vegetable and fruit extracts in the form of water from the pulp. 

By having a carrot juice, for example, you can just simply consume benefits of carrot juice pretty easily. It’s easier to digest and can be absorbed easily into the body.

Different from juice, the process of making smoothies precisely uses almost all parts of vegetables and fruits. Especially the edible parts, then processed them all using a blender. 

In this process, all parts of vegetables and fruits will be mashed. So the fiber in smoothies is easier to digest than consuming vegetables and fruits directly.

If you preferred having a smoothie, then you can possibly have these benefits :

Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies for Breakfast

  • Keeps Your Weight Ideal

In the process of making smoothie juices, a liquid is required in its making process. The water used can be replaced with a variety of milk, such as low-fat milk, almondmilk, soy, or low-fat yogurt that has a high protein content. 

As a result, proteins that enter the body are useful to form muscle tissue and the stomach will feel full for longer. You can put in some healthy ingredients like bananas to gain all the health benefits of banana.

  • Good For Digestion

Do not underestimate the fiber content in a glass of smoothie. This is an important factor for people who “hate” eating vegetables. 

Because it has been processed and mixed with other flavors, the aroma and vegetable content is greatly reduced, but the fiber content is still there. Fiber needs in the body will also be more easily met so that the digestion of the body will also improve. 

It is also good for people who do have constipation. Do not rely too much on medicines because there is always a chemical content. Try multiplying your fiber intake by increasing the vegetable dose and feel the benefits of smoothie juice!

  • Dependable Source for Energy

In a glass of smoothie, there is no need to add sugar because there is already a natural sweetness of the fruit. The natural sugars of the fruits are different from the kitchen sugars that are not friendly to the body. 

Glucose content in fruits or vegetables will naturally be absorbed slowly by the body so that the energy produced is more durable. It’s different from the result of excessive consumption of granulated sugar. 

Ever heard the phrase ‘sugar high’? The body will feel full of energy, but end with a tired effect in the end. That’s what happens when you consume too much sugar. But, you don’t have to worry if the sugar comes from fruits.

  • A Good Friend for Diet

The thick  texture of smoothie juice gives the drinker a sense of satiety. But if you have the goal of reducing weight, you should reduce the dose of fruits because there is a possibility of excessive carbohydrate content. 

Also keep in mind, if the skin of the fruit can be eaten, it should not be peeled because that’s where the high fiber content is stored. Vegetables used do not need to be all green. Combine it with healthy grains to get the health benefits of chia seeds or flaxseed.

  • Works for Detoxification

Everybody needs a detoxification in a while, to prevent the toxic substances that could affect the whole body. Before too late, you can start consuming smoothies.

Smoothies can also be one way to get rid of toxins in the body. You just need to add some vegetables like dandelion and kale to your smoothies.

  • Kids Will Love Them

For children who don’t like to eat vegetables, green smoothies can be the ultimate answer. Although for children’s consumption, the composition between vegetables and fruits may need to be increased to 70 to 30, different from the normal composition of 60 to 40.

So, the sweet and fresh taste of the fruit will dominate more than the taste of vegetables in smoothies. 

Regular consumption of smoothies will make the kids’ bodies much fitter. Why? Because of the fiber content of fruits, these vegetables can strengthen their immune system and make them rarely sick.