8 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Red Rice

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There are thousands of varieties of rice around the world, including rice with a layer of red bran known as red rice. Brown rice is a type of rice that has higher nutritional value compared to white rice. Apart from that, red rice has several benefits, including the benefits for health.

Red rice reached China (Tang Dynasty) for the first time in 800 AD, and it is served for two purposes, namely culinary and medicine. For culinary purposes, red rice is used as a food coloring and staple food in some parts of China.

As for medicinal purposes, red rice is used as one of the traditional medicines in China, where it can handle a number of health problems, such as blockage of blood vessels, similar to the benefits of red rice kattu yanam.

The benefits of red rice are widely known, especially for dieters. It is considered healthier than white rice because of its more diverse nutritional content. In addition to diet, red rice turns out to have other benefits that are also good for health. 

As mentioned in the benefits of bhutanese red rice, red rice is a whole grain that only undergoes the process of stripping the skin or chaff. One of the reasons why it is considered superior to white rice is because the processing is shorter, so the nutritional content is not wasted much.

One of the nutrients contained in red rice is fiber. These nutrients play an important role in the process of weight loss. Not only that, in a portion of red rice (about 200 grams) is also contained about 230–250 calories and a variety of nutrients

Mirriad substances can be found within, including Vitamins, Zinc, Calcium, and Manganese. Just like white rice, red rice is also included in the group of whole grains that are gluten-free, making it safe to be consumed by people with celiac disease or people who have gluten allergies. Mirriad substances can be found within, including Vitamins, Zinc, Calcium, and Manganese.

There are numerous benefits of red rice, such as:

Health Benefits of Eating Red Rice

1. Controlling Weight

As similar with the benefits of eating brown rice, red rice also contains higher fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates than white rice. Therefore, you can feel full for longer if you consume red rice.

Researches have been done to understand the effect of a regular red rice consumption, and the results were generally the same. People who were consuming red rice would have their weight more controlled. That’s why it’s one of the most pleasant ways to prevent obesity. 

2. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

A problematic issue that’s always lurking around the white rice is the fact that it contains a fairly high glycemic index, which can increase blood sugar level relatively quickly. High and uncontrolled blood sugar can eventually lead to insulin resistance, triggering diabetes. 

Instead, you can consume foods with a lower glycemic index, such as red rice and thus can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of red rice for diabetics as well.

3. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

In addition to containing high fiber, red rice also contains antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, and lignants.

What they can do is to prevent various more serious cardiovascular diseases, including the life-threatening ones like cholesterol and atherosclerosis. But in order to optimize the result, a healthier lifestyle is always needed.

4. Contains a lot of Iron and Zinc

Red rice is a source of iron or manganese. Manganese, which plays a role in producing energy for the body is an important element of enzymes and is also an antioxidant that can protect the body from free radicals that form after the energy produced.

In addition, red rice is also rich in zinc, a mineral that can help accelerate wound healing and maintain the body’s defense mechanism to function effectively.

Just like iron or manganese, zinc is also a content contained in brown rice that serves to protect the body from free radicals that can damage tissues and cells in the body.

5. Smoothens Digestion

Similar with benefits of eating shirataki noodles, red rice contains high fiber and complex carbohydrates. The content can maintain good bacteria in the intestine and facilitate digestion. The rice is even well consumed to prevent or overcome constipation.

6. Lowers Obesity Risk

As explained above, red rice will help you reduce the desire to eat and can cause you to feel fuller for a very long time. In addition, the rice will provide energy in the body and help digestion. It is completely fat-free so it’ll help a lot since consuming excessive fat will increase the likelihood of obesity.

7. Helps to Treat Asthma

Red rice is a source of magnesium that will help manage your normal breathing patterns. Consuming it regularly will help avoid asthma problems. This is one of the best advantages of consuming red rice. If you have asthma, consult a doctor and ask if you are allowed to consume red rice or not.

8. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Not only vitamins, red rice also contains a good content of antioxidants which serve as protector for your body cells. The result is your body becomes more protected against harmful health problems, including cancer.

To maximize the various benefits of red rice above, you are also advised to lead a healthy lifestyle, for example by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, stopping smoking habits, and exercising regularly.