6 Invaluable Health Benefits of Ogbono Seed You Never Heard Before

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Ogbono is a native African trees, which cultivated mostly for its fruit and seed. It is given various names, such as bush mango, dika, african mango, or wild mango. They even have a local cuisine made with dry ogbono seed, and its name is ogbono soup. In its native land, ogbono seed has been used for many purposes. On several occasions, ogbono seed also called “dika nut” or “ogbono nut” because it is shaped like a nut.

In this writing, we will tell you all about health benefits of ogbono seed. Beside for culinary use and some other purposes mentioned above, research has it that ogbono seed even have some chemical properties that can be useful for medical purposes, such as protection against some diseases, or for treatment of illnesses. It is amazing how a tiny seed can give you so many benefits. One thing to note, as to avoid confusion, during whole article we will use “ogbono seed” to name the seed we are about to talk, not “dika nut” or “ogbono nut”. (See also : Health Benefits of Bull Testicle)

Alright, we do not want to make you wait any longer, so let us jump to nutritional value and health benefits of ogbono seed in the next section :

Nutritional Value of Ogbono Seed

Based on analysis conducted by trusted experts, we can see that chemical composition of ogbono seed is not that far off from composition of bush mango fruit. It is proven that from 100 g serving size of ogbono seed, scientists found 697 calories energy, some nutrients and dietary fibers include 67 g fat, 15 g Carbohydrates, 8.5 g Protein and amino acids (include tryptophan), 4 g Water, minerals such as 120 mg Calcium, 2.4 mg Iron, some fatty acids include myristic acid at 30-70%, lauric acid (20-59%), oleic acid (1-11%), palmitic acid (at about 2%), and stearic acid (1%).

This analysis marked ogbono seed as almost equal to other type of grains, e.g. walnut, hazelnut, peanut, and almonds. (Also read : Health Benefits of Bulgarian Tribulus)

So, what are the health benefits of ogbono seed? Check them below.

1. It is a food with low cholesterol

Ogbono nut is widely known for its low cholesterol composition. This claim is supported by scientists’ data. A food with low cholesterol level means lower risk of getting heart diseases, study says. It is agreed upon that cause of heart diseases can be linked with eating habit.

So, to avoid future inconvenience and also as act of prevention, the best thing to do is pay attention to what you eat and keep cholesterol level in check.

2. It supports weight loss

It’s true that most people will eat more salad to lose some weight and less carbs and high fat foods, but there are also many things that can support your attempt for weight loss. One of those things is ogbono nut. Yes, that’s right. This tiny peanut-like seed has fat and carbs composition that is “friendly” for someone who is currently in weight loss journey.

It is friendly, because you don’t have to worry eating ogbono seed will slow down your journey. Just look at the nutrition facts, you will notice that ogbono nut only contains small amount of total fat and carbs. In some places, it is added to food supplement marketed for the purpose of weight loss. (Recommended : Health Benefits of Bulgarian Buttermilk

3. It is a very good source of protein

Protein is an inseparable aspect of living organism, including us human. It is required in processes with DNA involved and synthesis. Our body cannot produce protein on its own, so we have to get it from the food we eat. The most common source of protein is usually animal meat, e.g. chicken, pork, beef, etc.

But, other sources such as vegetables, fruits, and this seed can be considered as alternative. Based on some researches, ogbono seed contains more protein than other seeds, such as sunflower seed, kharbuja seed, etc, thereby making it a better source of protein. Albeit still not as good as common sources (meat).

4. It can boost your mood 

It has been proven by experts that consuming ogbono seed can potentially boost one’s mood. The reason behind this statement is the presence of tryptophan in this seed. Tryptophan is a substance produced by amino acid, and amino acid formed protein.

It is found that ogbono seed’s protein composition consisted of this substance. Thus, it reacts with a hormone in brain that responsible when someone is happy. Well, to put it simply, that is how ogbono seed works in boosting your mood. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Sugarcane Wine

5. It is low in sugarand  helps reduce the risk of diabetes

For most people, trying to avoid diabetes can be troublesome sometimes, especially for people who really loves sweet food and drinks, such as chocolate, juice, coffee, etc and those who have sweet tooth. It can be difficult to resist, but if you really want to do snacking, try this ogbono seed instead.

Because of its low sugar properties and catechins compounds, ogbono seed can be used as substitute for any food with higher sugar level. For people with high blood sugar levels, catechins found in this seed will help to decrease it. So, this is a safe food for diabetic person and also obese people. (See also : Health Benefits of Rudraksha beads)

6. It helps prevent obesity as early as possible

Obesity is a serious issue nowadays, it is very possible because the production of fast food become widespread and people can obtain them easier. The government and health department tried their hardest to decrease the percentage of obesity by creating diet program and giving health education to young kids about obesity.

It is true that eating more salad can prevent obesity, but you should not put aside ogbono seed’s ability to prevent obesity. It is scientifically proven that ogbono seed contains less fat and carbs than other snack. So, it is one of the most natural snack you can eat.

Cautions and Recommended Intake of Ogbono Seed

Due to limited data of ogbono seed to be researched by scientists, some health benefits claimed over various are not to be considered will work. So, as a safety measure, only treat ogbono seed like a regular snack, not your health supplement.